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In the early ’90s, the Britpop phenomenon hit its peak with iconic bands like Blur and Oasis dominating the scene. Fast forward to the late ’90s and early ’00s, and a fresh wave of post-Britpop emerged, blending American alternative rock and indie influences into the genre. Notably, The Verve achieved significant commercial success during this post-Britpop era. However, until this year, when Blur released a new album, the Britpop era seemed to have lost some of its former glory. London-based singer/songwriter Andy Smythe, lauded for his 2023 release ‘Prodigal Son,’ boasting nearly 3,000 streams on Spotify, is now reigniting the Britpop genre with his latest release, ‘Out Of My Mind‘ — a catchy, Beatles-esque song that delves into the theme of finding love.

The song kicks off with a dreamy intro, unveiling Smythe’s powerful and distinctive vocals, clearly influenced by the Britpop era. A nod to Richard Ashcroft from The Verve and David Bowie, Smythe’s voice takes centre stage. The chorus introduces a robust brass section, featuring trumpeter Hank Zorn, while Chloe Payne contributes enchanting B52’s-inspired backing vocals, adding a layer of depth to the composition. Smythe’s wide vocal range and versatility, reminiscent of Bowie, is showcased in the chorus, accompanied by subtle pop nuances akin to The Beatles. The infectious melody is both catchy and easy to sing along to, a testament to Smythe’s ability to infuse energy into his music. The bombastic big brass bridge elevates the song, revealing intricate key modulations upon closer listening.

The song’s theme is equally captivating, as ‘Out of My Mind’ explores the cycle of life and the quest for a ‘soul partner,’ set against the cinematic backdrop of London. The official music video, masterfully crafted by visual artist Gary Brady, portrays an AI-animated Smythe lip syncing the lyrics. The video seamlessly transitions through the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, featuring Smythe’s AI character evolving from a Beatles look-alike to a Mick Jagger look-alike in a leather jacket to a grungy guy meeting his soul mate. The song concludes with the two characters growing old together.

‘Out Of My Mind’ pays homage to the British music scene, with Smythe’s powerful vocals leading the melodic charge in the chorus, accompanied by the dynamic inclusion of big brass and harmonious female vocals. The music video seamlessly complements the song’s narrative, enhancing its meaning. As we eagerly anticipate the release of Smythe’s upcoming album, ‘Poetry in Exile,’ on March 1st, it’s clear that this talented artist is set to make waves in the music scene with 13 fresh new tracks. Smythe’s ‘Out Of My Mind’ not only marks a tribute to Britpop but also signals a promising chapter in the resurgence of this iconic genre.

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Andy Smythe breathes new life into the Britpop genre with ‘Out Of My Mind,’ a Beatles-esque anthem on love, showcasing his powerful vocals amidst a dynamic brass section, harmonious female vocals, and a meticulously crafted multi-era music video. His upcoming album ‘Poetry in Exile’ will be released on March 1st.


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