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RXND is the solo project of Ronde Fauchald, a multi-talented solo artist from Norway. With roots firmly planted in alternative rock, punk rock, emo rock, and skater rock, Ronde infuses these influences with dark pop elements, creating a distinctive sound. However, RXND goes beyond being a mere musical endeavour; it is a boundary-breaking project that challenges the norms of traditional listening, embracing the power of compelling storytelling.

In addition to delivering a musical experience, Ronde is not content with just crafting tunes; he opens a door to crucial conversations surrounding authenticity, self-discovery, and the shared struggle to break free from societal expectations. His music becomes a vehicle for listeners to explore their own narratives. Ronde’s artistic vision transcends genres, inviting audiences to bury themselves in a world where music becomes a gateway to self-reflection. ‘Battle Scars: A Beautiful Lie’ is a masterfully composed result of that vision.

It’s a powerful musical piece that delves into the often-neglected world of mental health struggles, drawing inspiration from Ronde’s personal experiences. The song explores the theme of hiding one’s true self, encouraging listeners to stay true to themselves, refusing to conform to a point where they lose their identity. It emphasises the importance of not judging others, as things aren’t always as they appear on the surface. In a time when discussions about mental health are gaining traction, RXND’s composition stands out for its straightforward depiction of the complex layers people create to protect themselves.

The opening of the song immediately grabs your attention with a powerful combination of daunting drums and keys. The raw, low-pitched vocals evoke a sense of intensity, drawing parallels to the grittiness of Machine Gun Kelly. However, the dynamics of the track take a thrilling turn as it accelerates into the second verse. Here, the vocals undergo a metamorphosis, channeling the raw emotion reminiscent of early 2000s punk rock and emo, akin to the energy found in bands like My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars.

As the song charges into the chorus, the drums shift into a pulsating punk rock beat, harmonising seamlessly with the punk and emo vibes. The chorus itself is a high-energy explosion, fuelled by heavy guitars and a driving bassline that propels the track forward. What sets this song apart is the incorporation of keys, adding a unique dimension that melds punk pop with dark pop. The result is a musical journey that seamlessly navigates between genres, offering a fresh and captivating experience for listeners.

Following the chorus, the song takes an unexpected twist with a rock rap verse, injecting a completely different vibe that draws immediate parallels to the dynamic style of Falling In Reverse. This melting pot of musical elements adds a layer of complexity and unpredictability to the composition. As the second chorus emerges, there’s a masterful build-up orchestrated by haunting keys and vocals, creating an eerie ambiance that heightens the anticipation. The various textures and genre-blending moments throughout the track result in a thrilling and captivating experience.

‘Battle Scars: A Beautiful Lie’ is not merely a song; it’s a journey that grips the audience with its high-energy vocals, powerful guitars, a pulsating drumbeat, and unexpected compositions. More than just a musical piece, the song connects with the raw experience of dealing with mental health challenges, evident in every note and lyric. The intentional blend of different styles, tempos, and intensities pays tribute to the internal battles depicted in the song. It highlights RXND’s brilliance in crafting a musical landscape that mirrors the complexities of the human psyche. It’s not merely a track; it’s an all consuming experience that captures the essence of internal struggles.

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RXND’s ‘Battle Scars: A Beautiful Lie’ is a genre-defying musical journey that masterfully blends alternative, punk, and dark pop elements, creating a dynamic and captivating piece. It goes beyond conventional listening, using compelling storytelling to explore the theme of mental struggles.


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