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Welcome to our exclusive interview with The Silver Doors, the Appalachian-psych-rock sensation hailing from the mountains of Asheville, NC. Having released their self-titled album on April 15th, 2024, the band have delivered an electrifying blend of genres and influences. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Farrar at Drop of Sun Studios, ‘The Silver Doors‘ is an awesome 8-song journey spanning from sub-2-minute punk tracks to 5-minute-plus rock anthems, adorned with splashes of psychedelia and layers of electric violin. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Black Angels, Band of Skulls, Queens of the Stone Age, and All Them Witches, The Silver Doors offer a fresh take on Appalachian rock. Join us as we find out more…

Thanks for joining us and congratulations on the new album. What has been the inspiration leading to your debut album, ‘The Silver Doors,’ and how does it reflect your band’s style and identity?

Our debut album is a great launching point for us. It reflects our identity by covering a range of songwriting styles, from shorter rock songs to longer, more epic tracks. Pretty much all of the songs are written collaboratively, so this debut album is a great introduction to our band and what we achieve putting our heads together.

Your album features a mix of shorter punk tracks and longer rock anthems. How did you manage to keep everything cohesive with such diversity in song lengths and styles?

I think we keep everything cohesive through our collaborative songwriting approach. We each contribute our ideas and thoughts, and sit with the songs for a while while writing them. The end result is that every song is a reflection of all of our influences. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced while creating the album, and how did you overcome them?

I’m very grateful that there were not very many big challenges while creating this album. It was honestly a very fun and creative process! If I had to pick a challenge, I would say time. Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to write and workshop songs! Sometimes you have to know when to say “when” while working on a song, but sometimes they take a while!

The Silver Doors Band 1
Credit Nick Haseloff

What do you hope listeners take away from your music, especially from this new album?

I hope people take away that there are still bands creating four-piece, analog, rock music in 2024. And that there is a great scene here in Asheville, North Carolina including ourselves and several other local psych / rock / indie bands playing out and making records.

How do you see yourselves fitting into the broader landscape of rock music today, and what would you say sets your music apart?

I think we are unique for a couple reasons. First off, we include electric violin on every track and try and make it a stand out element. We orchestrate every song in a way that highlights different melodies and arrangements and textures that we can achieve with the violin. As far as fitting into the rock landscape – I feel like we fit into a pretty niche section of rock overall, but at the same time, the songs are pretty agreeable and listenable. If you like rock music, or most of the genres under rock music, you will probably find something to like in our album. You can pick out elements of blues, psych, indie, shoegaze, alternative, garage, etc. across the album.

The Silver Doors Band 2
Credit Nick Haseloff

Looking ahead, what are your goals for the band’s future?

Our goal is to keep making music and playing shows! It’s something we all enjoy greatly, and we are grateful to keep doing it. I hope to play out regionally around the east coast more this year, and then it will be time to focus on the next batch of songs for the next recordings!

If you could collaborate with any rock legend or band, dead or alive, to create a new song, who would it be and why?

Lots of names and bands come to mind! Throughout different phases of my musical interests, I would’ve said Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age/Josh Homme, The White Stripes/Jack White, Band of Skulls, Television, The Black Angels, etc. But I think it would be so fun to write a new song with All Them Witches. They are consistently one of my all-time favorites, and they write killer stuff.

Thanks for joining us in this insightful interview with The Silver Doors. With their self-titled album, they’ve brought a fresh energy to the rock scene, blending Appalachian roots with psychedelic influences. Be sure to catch their album release party at Eulogy in downtown Asheville, NC on April 18th, and keep an eye out for their upcoming regional tour dates this Spring. Don’t miss out on the magic of ‘The Silver Doors’ for yourself!

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