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Annika Jayne, a versatile singer/songwriter from Germany, effortlessly navigates between three languages—English, German, and French. Influenced by American folk music and the melodic intricacies of German and French chansons, Annika seamlessly blends her artistic expression across linguistic borders. Her music can be described as real-life stories with melodies that touch the heart.

Annika performs a fantastic live version of ‘This Dream Inside My Heart’

Her latest release, featuring the captivating A-side ‘This Dream Inside My Heart’ and the emotionally charged B-side ‘Send Me A Shining Light’ showcases Annika’s talent in crafting beautifully nuanced acoustic songs.

‘This Dream Inside My Heart’ begins with delicate acoustic guitar picking, echoing the stylistic essence of revered artists such as Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian, and K.D. Lang’s ‘After The Gold Rush.’ Annika’s vocal delivery, reminiscent of Ani DiFranco, harmonises seamlessly with the song’s poetic lyrics, revealing a depth of emotion and introspection. The track, based on the poetry of Belgian poet and pianist John Joos, delves into the profound theme of dreams unfulfilled and the transformative power of perspective shift. Annika’s realisation that one can still cherish unrealised dreams fuels the song with a poignant resonance. Her lyrics are masterfully crafted too. They read like a poem:

You know my heart like no other,

I must have lived here before.

A thousand lives,

And in each one I found the way to your door.

Annika Jayne, ‘This Dream Inside My Heart’

‘Send Me A Shining Light’ continues the acoustic journey with gentle and melodious guitar picking, showcasing an even more emotionally vulnerable vocal performance. Born out of a moment of personal crisis—a severe panic attack—the song reflects Annika’s ability to translate raw emotions into a song. In the face of perceived failure, the lyrics capture a plea for reassurance and comfort, revealing the therapeutic nature of composing music.

Brady Jo’s production of the songs is excellent. The mix is well balanced, especially in capturing the intimacy of just vocals and acoustic guitar. Translating the emotion of the songs to the listener is a challenging task, but what stands out for me is the fantastic sound of the picking guitar.

Annika Jayne will be releasing an album later this year titled ‘Cats & Coffee Cups.’ The album is purely acoustic, featuring just her voice and guitar. Two songs from the album, ‘Un Livre Et Un Café‘ and ‘Peace And Quiet,’ have already been released. We eagerly anticipate the full album, as Annika Jayne demonstrates that a guitar and voice alone is enough to create great music.

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Annika Jayne’s latest release, featuring ‘This Dream Inside My Heart’ and ‘Send Me A Shining Light,’ showcases Annika’s skill in crafting emotionally charged acoustic songs and offers a glimpse into her poetic lyricism.


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