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Get ready to blast off into the cosmos with power pop / rock artist Jason Lyles as he gears up to release his latest single, ‘Salvage,’ on April 26th, in celebration of Alien Day 2024. Known for his nuanced storytelling, melodic prowess, and visionary lyricism, Jason invites audiences on an otherworldly adventure with his newest creation.

Inspired by the iconic opening sequence of the 1986 film ALIENS, ‘Salvage’ pays homage to the brave yet disappointed salvage crew who stumble upon Ripley’s ship, setting the stage for epic events to come. The track has been described as a melting pot of Duran Duran teaming up with Radiohead to form a David Bowie cover band – that’s the fusion of space rock, ’80s pop, and alt-rock vibes you can expect from ‘Salvage.’ The track boasts wonderful dynamics, instrumentation, and harmonies, and vocally, it evokes the spirit of Matthew Sweet – it’s simply brilliant. Jason has an ear for melody and drama, and ‘Salvage’ showcases this wonderfully.

Jason Lyles Singer Songwriter

I wanted to write a song about my all-time favourite movie to celebrate with other Alien franchise fans around the world on Alien Day.

Jason Lyles on ‘Salvage’

Accompanying the release, there will be a visually stunning lyric video, crafted by Tyler Green of Kaiser Bay Productions, featuring footage from the iconic film. Additionally, the cover art, created by Jason’s daughter, Rosie Lyles, adds visual depth to the experience, depicting the salvage team leader in his signature yellow biohazard suit.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of ‘Salvage’ and celebrate Alien Day 2024 in style. Mark your calendars for April 26th and prepare for an interstellar journey with Jason Lyles.

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