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So, a few months back, we wrote about this young indie pop sensation in the making – 15-year-old Edie Yvonne from sunny Los Angeles. Her tune ‘Delusion’ had us thinking she could be the next big thing, like the new Billie Eilish. And now, she’s back with a cracking cover straight outta the nostalgic ’90s. Who doesn’t love a bit of ’90s music, right?

Before I get stuck into the song, let’s give props to how this cover shook up Edie’s life. At just 10, she got invited to perform with a bunch of kids at a school festival, sharing the stage with some female rock legends. She sang ‘Fade Into You,’ and now, five years on, she’s on track to be the next teen pop sensation.

Fade Into You’ is a cover of a Mazzy Star classic, an alt-rock band that hit their peak in the ’90s. Taking on their most iconic track takes guts, but Edie’s done it justice. I’m digging how she’s made it her own with that dream-pop vibe. Anyone could’ve just copied Mazzy Star’s style, but Edie and her crew decided to switch it up.

The track kicks off with an acoustic guitar, just like the original, but it’s got this whole new feel to it. It’s like it’s been blasted out of an old-school tape deck, giving it that retro vibe. A wink to the ’90s? It does feel like it was ages ago. The electric guitar’s been swapped for some dreamy keys. Edie’s vocals are as sweet as Hope Sandoval’s, but with a modern pop twist. It takes talent how she kept the emotion real, no overproduction here. It feels even more personal and intimate. Those dreamy sound effects really mesh with Edie’s voice, keeping you hooked from start to finish. That’s a big complement for someone that age.

Sure, there are some tweaks here and there in the instrument line-up, but it’s Edie’s voice that’s the real star of the show. Soft, but packing a punch. It grabbed me from the beginning to end. I honestly can say that Edie’s vocals are more powerful. Although, a bit more going on in the background wouldn’t go amiss, but then again, that intimacy might get lost. And shortening the track was a smart move too. The original was pushing five minutes, a bit of a marathon even back in the ’90s. Edie’s trimmed it down to a tidy four minutes, giving it a better flow.

With ‘Fade Into You,’ Edie’s dropped another indie gem. She’s taken an already stunning track and turned it into this soft, powerful dream-pop version that’s gonna reel in a whole bunch of young fans. And guess what? It’s gonna be part of Edie Yvonne’s new EP called ‘#covers,’ which includes her take on No Doubt’s ‘Sometimes.’ As a massive No Doubt fan, I can highly recommend checking out that track too!

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Edie Yvonne’s cover of Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’ is a dream-pop masterpiece, transforming a ’90s classic into a soft yet powerful indie dream-pop gem that grabs you from start to finish.


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