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I stumbled upon an electrifying song by the Stoke-on-Trent band Camens, named ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating‘, and it immediately hooked me with its catchy tune. It’s a neat indie gem, well-produced, polished to perfection and likely to grab the attention of rock fans on the lookout for fresh sounds. Camens seems set to become a major player in the British indie rock scene.

‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ wraps up their upcoming debut album ‘WORK/LIFE/BALANCE’, scheduled for release on May 3rd, embodying the essence of its title. Even before its official release, the track is gearing up for a decent run. Not surprising, considering their track record of successful releases, airplay on various UK radio stations, magazine features, and upcoming festival gigs. But let’s delve into the song itself.


Kicking off with a punchy beat and a killer guitar riff, it reels you in from the start. The quality production is evident, with impressive vocals mixed perfectly into the music. While the indie-pop vibe is strong, the catchy guitar licks and throbbing bass take cues from punk rock and pop punk, particularly shining through in the chorus. The sound and style remind me of Machine Gun Kelly and Blink 182, when Matt Skiba was the vocalist and guitarist.

The slight twist in the second verse keeps things interesting, showcasing Camens’ skill. Personally, I’m drawn to the bass walks and its overall sound, driving the song alongside the powerful vocals that effortlessly cover a wide vocal range.

Thematically, ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ delves into the struggles of modern life, encapsulating the grind of a 40+ hour work week, the battle to keep up with bills, and the toll it takes on mental and physical well-being. It’s an anthem for those familiar with the grind, the hardships, and the sleepless nights brought on by stress, anxiety, and the constant barrage of negativity from the digital world.


In my opinion, ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ stands as their finest offering yet. It’s got a hooky melody, a solid beat, stellar vocals, and a thumping bassline, not to mention relatable lyrics. The production is top-notch, and I reckon even the most discerning post-punk fans would find it hard to disagree. They could very well be the next big thing on the British music scene!

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Camens’ ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ is an electrifying indie gem polished to perfection, blending catchy tunes with pulsating beats, destined to captivate rock fans and become the next big sensation in the British indie music scene.


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