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Welcome to our exclusive interview with Päter, the mastermind behind the introspective and fantastic genre-blending album ‘4-7 Company.’ Originating from the dynamic music hub of Toronto, Canada, Päter’s music, which blends indie rock with classical Iranian influences and much more, invites us into the solitary and reflective hours between 4 PM and 7 PM, a time of introspection and contemplation. I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with this album – vibes of Aimee Mann, Jon Brion, et al.; this deserves to be a breakthrough for Päter. But, for now, join us as we find out more behind this inspirational new album, ‘4-7 Company.’

Thanks so much for joining us Päter and congratulations on the new album! How do you feel your sound has evolved from your earlier EPs to your debut LP, ‘4-7 Company’? Are there any noticeable changes in your approach to songwriting or musical style?

Thank you! The sound is way fuller on the LP. When I started with Päter I was producing myself in my bedroom with Logic stock sounds. Working on this album, we had some incredible musicians play, we recorded in a converted barn studio on Vancouver Island, and there was just more that went into it. On the songwriting side, this album definitely takes more twists and turned away from pop structure so, strap in. 

What inspired the focus on solitude and introspection for your album ‘4-7 Company’?

I started writing ‘4-7 Company’ back when I was in a theatre program in college. When I was in class I was on, on, on and then we’d go out at night and it’d be on, on, on again. But, there were just a few hours between these things when I was alone and really dealing with myself. Then I had to sit with all the anxieties I had around growing up and figuring out who I am, crossed with a good few bouts of depression. That’s where this album came from. 

Päter Singer

Could you elaborate on the significance of working with Howard Redekopp (Mother Mother, Tegan and Sara, the New Pornographers) and how it shaped the overall sound of the album?

Howard had been on my radar since I was 21 and realised that he produced ‘O My Heart’ which is one of my favorite albums. I cold emailed him and was like, “I love your work, here’s my work, how can we work together,” and surprisingly he liked my stuff and responded! So, we’d been trying to find an opportunity to make something together since then and this album seemed like the right thing at the right time. Howard really encouraged me to lean into the weirdness of the album. He’s definitely not a producer that likes to play it safe and that worked well with the writing. 

Your music draws from a variety of influences, from indie rock to classical Iranian music. How do you balance these diverse inspirations and maintain a cohesive sound throughout the album?

I mainly listened to a lot of indie/alt rock crossed with fun pop music in my teens. The Iranian influences seeped into my brain from stuff my dad listened to when I was a kid. A lot of classical Iranian music is like a lament for everything that’s been lost, since historically there’s a lot of decline in the country, so that’s made for some really dark, dissonant melodies. It’s become natural for me to use those sounds in my writing, but I do it subconsciously. They’re attached to a part of my emotional life and when I’m writing from that place it comes out. There’s a track on the album called ‘Every Waking Hour‘ which is totally from that world. So, I got my friend Pouya Hamidi who’s an incredible Iranian pianist to play on it and he just goes off. It’s amazing. 

Is there a specific song from ‘4-7 Company’ that you’d recommend to listeners? If yes, why that one in particular?

Tough q because it really goes on a journey so… all of them?? BUT if there’s one that I feel like everyone should listen to it’s ‘Catching Cold‘. There’s a certain alchemy in that song that gets me in my feels every time. I love playing it and I love hearing how it lands with people. So if you must jump ahead, maybe start there. And watch the video with it! It’s a weird one.

With ‘4-7 Company’ now released, what’s next on the horizon for you creatively? Are there any future projects or collaborations that you’re particularly excited about?

I’m most excited about touring this summer! The last two years have been totally dedicated to creating ‘4-7 Company’ and the world around it so I can’t wait to share that with people. Also, part of the initial concept of the album was to make an accompanying visual experience and I just didn’t get a chance to focus on that during the release. But it’s still at the back of my mind… so keep an eye out. Maybe I’ll go beast mode and make 6 videos next month. 

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And, finally, a question for fun… If you could choose one song from ‘4-7 Company’ to be the soundtrack to a pivotal moment in your life, which song would it be, and what event or experience would it accompany?

It would be the title track and the moment is now. The long build up to this album and it has finally released. And now I get to frolic in the woods and sing at the top of my lungs and do little spins. Feels good ngl!

And that wraps up our interview with Päter, the creative force behind ‘4-7 Company.’ We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Päter for sharing their insights and passion with us. From the blend of genres to the introspective themes explored in the album, Päter’s music offers listeners a unique experience. Be sure to catch Päter live at CMW 2024 in Toronto and keep an eye out for their upcoming summer tour. Plus, in support of their new album, Päter will be doing an album release show at The Monarch Tavern in Toronto on April 11th.

Thank you, Päter, and I have to say, if there’s one thing you should do today, it’s check out ‘4-7 Company’ for yourself.

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