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Jenna Roessler, the 19-year-old emerging artist from Brentwood, United States, has unveiled a compelling exploration of artificiality in relationships with her latest single, ‘Simulation.’ Drawing influences from indie rock and pop, her music echoes the dynamic melodies of Olivia Rodrigo and the edgy crossover of Billie Eilish and early Demi Lovato. As a solo singer/songwriter, she skillfully handles vocals, guitar, and piano, showcasing her multifaceted musical talent.

The song instantly hooks listeners with its immediate vocals and punctuating staccato string drops, addressing the theme of deceptive behaviour in relationships. Jenna expresses frustration with the pursuit of a simulated version of love, emphasising a desire for genuine connection. The chorus seamlessly blends contemporary pop vibes with robust songwriting sensibilities, supported by top-quality production. Vocally, there is just enough calm vitriol to make it superbly effective.

Having graced renowned Nashville venues like the Bluebird Cafe, Rounds, Tin Roof, Commodore Grill, Ally Taps, and Fox & Locke, Jenna has already made a mark on the local music scene. She is gearing up to release an EP in early 2024, with each song in the collection representing a unique flower, contributing to a vibrant bouquet of emotions and experiences. Jenna explains that ‘Simulation’ is associated with the color red, reflecting her anger and frustration in a past relationship where the partner was more interested in computer games than the relationship. This artistic approach adds a meaningful layer to her storytelling, turning each song into a distinctive bloom in her musical garden.

Jenna Roessler Nashville Singer

In Jenna’s own words, “I consider myself as an artist with a purpose built on the fact that I have messages and stories to tell through my music, so it can be heard and shared by many.” This sentiment reflects her passion for connection and the emotional resonance she seeks to create. Check out her latest track, ‘Simulation,’ for a raw and authentic take on relationships. Listen now to experience the genuine emotions she brings to life through her music.

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Nashville-based emerging artist Jenna Roessler, at just 19 years old, unveils her latest single, ‘Simulation,’ offering a poignant exploration of artificiality in relationships. With influences echoing Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish, Jenna combines indie rock and pop, creating a captivating sound that addresses deceptive behaviour while showcasing her multifaceted musical talent.


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