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Benton Crane‘s latest single, ‘Living Outstretched,’ continues to augment his presence in the indie psychedelic rock scene. Situated within the vibrant creative hub of Boulder, Colorado, Benton’s musical journey offers a blend of narratives and melodies that blur the lines between reality and imagination. He’s previously traversed various musical landscapes, from collaborative projects in dynamic jam-rock bands to acclaimed solo efforts including his debut album, ‘Welcome to Paradise,’ which showcases an ability to blend emotion with thought-provoking themes.

With each release, Benton offers listeners a journey into the depths of his creative psyche. Beyond merely writing songs, Benton emerges as a storyteller, adding intricate narratives of escapism and introspection. Now, at the forefront of this musical journey lies ‘Living Outstretched,’ Benton’s latest offering in a year-long release schedule. Collaborating once again with his longtime compatriot, Andrew Krist of Manic Vision, Benton delves deep into the song’s transcendent nature, breaking it down into distinct movements.

The track unfolds with a gentle allure, its smooth melodies and hypnotic rhythms drawing listeners into a world of reverie. Musically, it doesn’t feel a million miles away from what Nick Cave was doing in the ‘Let Love In’ era, but Benton’s vocals add a new dimension. He creates a sound that blends elements reminiscent of Arcade Fire, Passion Pit, and My Morning Jacket, with subtle shades of Grateful Dead and Band of Horses.

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With a deft touch, the song navigates through a series of dynamic shifts, from the dark introspection of the verse to the uplifting optimism of the chorus, each transition played out with a sense of purpose and intentionality. There’s some really nice chord movements going on in the chorus as well that the vocal moves along with to develop a sweet little hook.

Around the two-minute mark, a brief drop heightens the chorus, followed by a short instrumental break. Then, the song takes an intriguing turn, modulating into a new tempo and vibe, reminiscent of ’80s nostalgia akin to the incidental music of Stranger Things. And it’s brilliant! It’s hypnotic, dreamy, and seamlessly incorporates guitar elements later on without disrupting the ambiance.

Benton Crane 2

Before concluding, ‘Living Outstretched’ leads us into a false ending, underscoring the gently unpredictable nature of Benton’s music. It’s a subtle yet effective reminder that his compositions always hold surprises in store.

Benton’s art rock approach stands out for its subtlety; it gradually captivates listeners without relying on dramatic shocks. Instead, it embeds itself in the listener’s consciousness, resulting in a compelling experience – one that I’m eagerly looking forward to revisiting time and time again.

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Benton Crane’s latest single, ‘Living Outstretched,’ catches listeners’ attention and draws them in with its blend of indie psychedelic rock narratives and melodies. Sit back and let the music transport you to a world where reality and imagination meet.


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