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Madame Psychosis, the Toronto-based indie rock sensation, has captivated us here at TIG with their latest single, ‘Hopeless,’ a soulful and melodically rich track that showcases the band’s distinctive fusion of alternative pop and indie rock. From the first note, the song draws you in with a great soulful feel and immediately highlights a sound that you know is going to wow you.

The song unfolds organically, beginning with captivating vocals that lead you into a delicate musical flow. Skillfully building momentum, the instrumentation is introduced seamlessly, creating an enticing tension that crescendos to a chorus that hits with the force of a freight train. The vocals, guitars, and drums harmonise flawlessly, crafting a melody that oscillates between soulful and almost gospel-like elements before unleashing powerful AOR dynamics in the pre-chorus and chorus.

Madame Psychosis’s lead singer and lyricist, Michelle Mondesir, delivers mesmerising vocals that rival luminaries such as Joss Stone and Vonda Shepherd, blending soulful depth with a rocky edge. The song’s lyrics convey a message of inspiration and determination, reflecting the theme of overcoming heartbreak and embracing newfound freedom.

I’m no longer hopeless,

No longer blaming myself for the fall.

No longer building up all of these walls


The musicianship on ‘Hopeless’ is impeccable, with each instrument serving the song’s narrative and providing tasteful fills when needed without overshadowing the captivating vocals. A testament to their musical skill. Recorded at Union Sound Company and Raventape Music Room in Toronto and mixed by Alex Gamble, the production quality also enhances the impact of the song.


This single follows Madame Psychosis’s previous success with ‘Concrete Streets’ and serves as another promising precursor to their upcoming third studio album, set to be released later in 2024. With a series of planned releases throughout the year, Madame Psychosis continue to solidify their place in the indie rock scene, leaving us eagerly anticipating what their next musical endeavour will bring.

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Toronto’s indie rock sensation, Madame Psychosis, mesmerise with their latest single ‘Hopeless,’ delivering a soulful and powerful blend of vocals, harmonies, and instrumentation. Lead singer Michelle Mondesir shines as her exceptional vocals narrate a tale of overcoming heartbreak and embracing newfound freedom.


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