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After an 18-year hiatus, singer/songwriter Tarita has made a triumphant return to the music scene, reigniting her passion for songwriting. Last month marked the release of her debut single, ‘Digital Void,’ followed by this month’s unveiling of ‘Summer Fling‘ – a gentle indie rock composition adorned with powerful vocals and nostalgic lyrics, recounting the tale of a summer romance.

By day, Tarita is a scientist, but by night, she transforms into a dedicated musician. This duality defines her, as she began her musical journey at the age of 20, initially performing with various cover bands. However, driven by the desire to tell her own stories, she reignited her musical fervor, crafting poetic songs inspired by personal experiences. Her musical influences include Radiohead, The Beatles, Oasis, and Band of Horses.

Opening with a captivating bass line and a mellow acoustic guitar, Tarita’s song ‘Summer Fling’ showcases her rich and powerful voice in the verse, immediately capturing the listener’s attention. Her style resonates with female artists such as Nora Jones and Rilo Kiley, yet her deeper voice draws comparisons to Stevie Nicks’s vocals in ‘Landslide,’ performed by Fleetwood Mac. As the song progresses, Tarita showcases her vocal prowess, blending soft rock, indie pop rock, and modern adult contemporary with evident rock influences. The laid-back melody provides the perfect backdrop for a Sunday morning, creating a soothing ambiance to be enjoyed with a cup of tea. Highlighted by an impressive acoustic guitar solo, the song was recorded live in a studio in Poland, preserving the raw essence of unforgettable live performances.

‘Summer Fling’ unfolds with relatable lyrics, delving into the transient nature of holiday romances and evolving into a narrative of yearning to spend more time with someone special.

This track delivers a poignant touch of authenticity and nostalgia, reaching deep into the listener’s soul. The rich vocals, delivered with both power and grace by Tarita, intertwine seamlessly with the rhythm of the acoustic guitar and the hooking bass line, creating a laid-back vibe that captivates from the very first note. The combination of Tarita’s masterful vocal delivery and the beautiful lyrics ensures that your interest is not only captured but sustained throughout the entirety of the composition. Whether you find yourself reminiscing about past summer adventures or seeking to create new memories, ‘Summer Fling’ guarantees to be the perfect soundtrack for those warm, carefree days ahead.

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‘Summer Fling’ captivates with its gentle indie rock composition, powerful vocals, and nostalgic lyrics about a summer romance. Tarita creates a poignant and authentic song that promises to resonate with listeners seeking to relive past summer adventures or create new memories.
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