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Cork-based Stacey K, a healthcare worker who endured the emotional toll of the pandemic, has released a poignant perspective on the holiday season with the track ‘Christmas Time.’ In a time marked by loss and trauma, Stacey found release at the piano and composed a song that captures the complex emotions many face during this time of year.

Reflecting on the challenges, where families couldn’t hold their loved ones’ hands as they faced the end, Stacey recognised a dissonance in the music being encountered.

“After a hard shift I turned the radio on, then off again as it was telling me to feel the opposite of how I felt. It made me realise sometimes the music we are exposed to is super happy and doesn’t really represent the grief and trauma that we all carry.”

Stacey K Cork Singer Songwriter

Stacey’s song, ‘Christmas Time,’ emerged from a moment of anxiety about the approaching holiday season.

“It was the first time I’d ever felt like not doing Christmas and then I hit an A minor chord and sang the first line of ‘Christmas Time.'” 

The lyrics perfectly convey this heartfelt sentiment:

I don’t really feel like putting up the tree,

Unpacking all of the things that were you and me.

I wanna stay with my Time Machine,

And be frozen with all our dreams.

Christmas Time by Stacey K

The song skillfully combines classic Christmas elements—subtle sleigh bells and chimes—with a specific goal: to evoke raw, poignant emotion. The song’s melody is nothing short of beautiful. The decision to introduce a theremin is pure genius, adding a unique layer that draws you deeper into the song. Strings and chimes, meticulously incorporated, amplify emotion and create a profound listening experience. The piano perfectly complements Stacey’s exceptional vocals – clear, crisp, and comforting, yet possessing the extraordinary ability to transport you to another place and send shivers down your spine – think Aimee Mann meets Ellie Goulding.

‘Christmas Time’ is not just a song; it’s a testament to the power of music to convey emotion and provide solace during challenging times. As Stacey prepares to release new music in 2024, this track stands as a timeless reminder of the importance of acknowledging and embracing the full spectrum of emotions, even during the festive season.

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Stacey K’s ‘Christmas Time’ offers a heartfelt perspective on the holiday season, skillfully weaving classic Christmas elements with a unique musical approach. The song becomes a testament to the power of music in conveying raw emotion and providing solace, offering a fresh take on traditional festive tunes.
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