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Jenny Thiele‘s latest release, ‘Loonie,’ is a captivating musical journey, showcasing the multi-disciplinary prowess of the emerging artist from Cologne, Germany. Crafted as the ideal soundtrack for a Wild at Heart-inspired road trip, Jenny took control of a substantial part of the production, releasing the track as a standalone piece and as part of a maxi-single featuring a remix by Robin Flux—an intriguing addition.

Kicking off with captivating guitar picking, snappy drums, and a steady bass, the track immediately establishes an almost hypnotic ambiance. Jenny’s vocals contribute to the enchanting atmosphere, delivering haunting yet sweet and clear tones and creating an almost female Chris Isaac sound. Furthermore, the guitar work introduces elements reminiscent of the iconic ‘Wicked Games,’ employing a tremolo effect that adds a contemporary-retro fusion.

As the song progresses, it undergoes a transformative journey with evolving lyrics, offering a definite twist to the proceedings (stick with it and you’ll see what I mean).

Got a bottle in my hand,

And a hammer that lies ready…

On the backseat.


The lyrics introduce an eerie undertone and create a dynamically unfolding narrative.

The second verse introduces subtle synth riffs, adding new layers to enhance the complexity. And, lovely backing vocals, while charming, contribute to the underlying sense of menace, adding a distinctive flavour to the song. For me, I can see this song being played at a poignant moment in a Tarantino film—an indication of its cinematic and professional quality.

Robin Flux DJ

The maxi-single takes an intriguing turn with Robin Flux’s remix. Robin, a versatile artist from Copenhagen connected to Jenny through Cologne’s urban dance culture, introduces an electronic fusion with synths and percussion. Despite the bouncy house feel, the remix maintains the haunting essence of the original, showcasing a clever interplay of styles. The track ebbs and flows, building and dropping in a way that adds a fresh perspective while preserving the essence of Jenny’s creation.

In essence, ‘Loonie’ as a maxi-single embodies a collaboration between two independent and explorative artists. The track is not merely a piece of music; it’s a carefully crafted journey that expertly balances retro vibes with contemporary elements, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its enchanting allure.

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Jenny Thiele’s ‘Loonie’ delivers a mesmerising blend of retro vibes and haunting vocals, complemented by a cinematic touch. The inclusion of Robin Flux’s remix adds fresh beats, enhancing the overall allure of this captivating musical journey
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