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HitherFurther‘s debut single, ‘7 Lies in an Hour‘, is a compelling blend of acoustic warmth and synth-driven atmospherics, underscored by lyrics that explore the complexities of relationships. Recorded in Dublin, at Darklands Audio, the track introduces listeners to HitherFurther’s distinctive sound, characterised by influences such as Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft, and Nick Drake.

The song opens with a gentle acoustic introduction, setting a tranquil tone that gradually unfolds as the vocals enter. Instead of adhering to a conventional verse-chorus structure, the track navigates through various sections, featuring melodic hooks centered around the titular theme. You can very much hear the inspiration from artists like Richard Ashcroft, as HitherFurther’s vocal delivery is emotive and melodic, complementing the subdued instrumentation.

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The acoustic guitar, played with a deliberate, slightly languid rhythm in the verse/hook sections, provides the track with a dark, contemplative undertone. This effectively contributes to the song’s atmospheric quality, creating a sense of depth and introspection.

As the track progresses, subtle shifts in tempo and dynamics between sections propels the narrative forward, with the introduction of Korg synths adding layers of texture and colour. The synths gradually build in intensity towards the end, culminating in a climactic finale that highlights the song’s emotive undertones.

Lyrically, the song’s focus is on the theme of lies within a relationship, portraying how they gradually become unnoticed over time, ultimately preventing a genuine connection or love from forming. This exploration cleverly sheds light on the complexities and challenges often encountered in relationships.

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Clocking in at just over four minutes, ‘7 Lies in an Hour’ strikes a perfect balance between conciseness and substance and left me eager for more. While the song is very effective on first listen, I truly appreciated the minutiae after a few outings – and, believe me, it gets better each time. Vocally, HitherFurther delivers a standout performance, reminding me of acclaimed artists like Iron and Wine and Jose Gonzalez, in addition to the already mentioned Richard Ashcroft, while still maintaining a distinct identity.

‘7 Lies in an Hour’ is a strong debut that showcases HitherFurther’s songwriting skills, and I’m looking forward to hearing what is next. With its dreamy atmosphere, understated instrumentation, and poignant lyrical themes, the song leaves a lasting impression and sets the stage for future releases from this promising artist.

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HitherFurther’s debut single ‘7 Lies in an Hour’ presents a mesmerising fusion of acoustic warmth and synth textures, exploring themes of relationship complexities. With emotive vocals and atmospheric instrumentation, it marks a striking entry into the music scene.


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