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Aegra, the solo project of Sian Williams, formerly a guitarist for Liverpool-based band Bird, showcases resilience in returning to the music scene. After a successful stint with Bird, circumstances led to a hiatus, during which Sian retrained as a midwife. Following years of catching babies, a musical passion was rediscovered after experimenting with self-production and the search for a unique sound.

Aegra’s latest double A-side single, ‘From The Inside‘ and ‘Six Hands,’ takes you on a captivating journey into the realm of honest, introspective songwriting, showcasing Sian Williams’ undeniable talent and emotional depth.

The release of ‘From The Inside/Six Hands’ marks a departure from Aegra’s earlier synth-based single, ‘Morph.’ This double single explores personal and introspective themes, focusing on birth, death, and grief from an observer’s perspective, unraveling the emotions associated with watching loved ones navigate loss and change.

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The opening track, ‘From The Inside,’ immediately draws you in with its organic piano and guitar, complemented by subtle pads. The vocals deliver a beautiful melody, and the high notes evoke a genuine emotional response. The haunting and honest lyrics, particularly the closing line, “But now I know that fears are real, and they eat you from the inside,” resonate deeply, creating a dreamy atmosphere that allows you to easily get lost and drift away.

On the flip side, ‘Six Hands’ takes a more upbeat approach with drums, synths, and a jaunty guitar. The track features clever background vocals and intriguing synth riffs, adding layers of interest. The honest and intimate lyrics continue to tell a compelling story filled with real and deep emotions. Clocking in at under three minutes each, both tracks somehow manage to take the listener on a journey, no mean feat considering the song lengths.

Vocally, Aegra’s performance reminds me of Dolores O’Riordan, with elements of Sinead O’Connor and Sarah McLachlan. The combination of influences, including Jeff Buckley, Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey, and even 15th-century choral music, results in a unique sound that captures honesty and vulnerability.

Pulling from diverse influences, Aegra successfully captures honesty and vulnerability in the music. With earnest, minimally-polished vocals and layered instrumentation, the project stands as a testament to Sian’s artistic evolution and determination to create music that resonates on a deep and emotional level.

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Aegra, the solo project of Sian Williams, formerly a guitarist for Liverpool-based band Bird, makes a powerful return to the music scene after a hiatus spent as a midwife. Sian’s latest double A-side single, ‘From The Inside’ and ‘Six Hands,’ explores honest, introspective songwriting, marking a departure from previous synth-based works, and showcases a unique sound influenced by diverse musical inspirations.


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