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Step into the dynamic and multifaceted world of Porter, a well-established progressive alternative rock band hailing from Germany. With a rich and diverse musical history, Porter adeptly blends an array of influences encompassing metal, punk, indie, singer-songwriter, hardcore, and alternative. This mix results in a truly distinctive fusion that sets them apart. Grounded in the energetic, guitar-driven alternative rock of the ’90s, their sound seamlessly integrates progressive elements and rich production, embracing the present while paying homage to their roots.

The band’s latest single, ‘Tax Free Hollows‘ serves as an introduction to the direction of the new Porter and offers a glimpse into their upcoming album. The opening bars of the track set the stage with potent guitar riffs, a pumping bassline and assertive drums, evoking the hard rock vibes of Kiss and ’90s icons like Guns N’ Roses. The verses maintain the energetic momentum introduced in the intro, featuring robust guitars and the impressive rock vocals of their new lead singer, who, gives me Marillion vibes.

Around the one-minute mark, the tempo shifts to a slower pace, yet the song’s engine remains powerful, driven by the interplay of guitars, bass, and drums. The chorus stands out as a dynamic fusion of sung and spoken words, with Porter opting for repeated phrases rather than complete sentences, effectively accentuating their underlying anger and frustration. It gave me the same feeling as Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’. The lead guitar riffs, accompanied by a well-executed drumbeat following the chorus, showcase the band’s undeniable talent.

As the second verse unfolds, the focus shifts to the cymbals and rim, introducing a fresh vibe while avoiding a mere repetition of the initial verse. The song reaches a pinnacle with an outstanding bridge, characterised by intense drumming and a compelling shredded guitar solo that adds an extra layer of power to the composition. This climactic moment sets the stage for the final chorus, bringing the song to a compelling conclusion. Porter’s adept musicality, highlighted by nuanced elements and skillful instrumentation, underscores their prowess as a formidable force in the rock scene.

Beyond the captivating melodies, Porter’s songs serve as a powerful channel for both musical melancholy and righteous anger, coupled with expressive lyrical statements against totalitarian and fascist ideologies. In ‘Tax Free Hollows’ both the song and its accompanying video tackle a society entangled in perpetual diplomatic discussions rather than addressing substantive issues. Trapped in a never-ending loop of repeating actions, a numbing cycle is normalised, seemingly consequence-free. This system, dictated by a few self-centered minds prioritising personal gains at the expense of others, was not a choice most of us made. Their invitation to ponder the kind of society we genuinely aspire to inhabit is a compelling call to introspection in the face of societal challenges.

‘Tax Free Hollows’ stands as a noteworthy addition to the progressive rock genre, showcasing Porter’s prowess in pushing boundaries and exploring intricate musical landscapes. As anticipation builds, we eagerly await the release of the full album. The promise from ‘Tax Free Hollows’ hints it will not only pay homage to the band’s musical roots but also propel them into new and uncharted territories within the prog rock spectrum. Stay tuned for what promises to be a compelling journey with Porter at the helm.

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Porter’s latest single ‘Tax Free Hollows’ showcases their adept fusion of progressive rock elements and diverse musical influences, grounding their sound in the energetic rock of the ’90s while seamlessly integrating nuanced production and expressive vocals; the track’s dynamic shifts, powerful instrumentals, and socially conscious lyrics make it a standout addition to the prog rock genre, offering a glimpse into the band’s evolving sound and setting high expectations for their upcoming album.


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