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SIR-VERE‘s latest release, ‘Destroya,’ offers a preview to the upcoming ‘Lovescope’ re-issue album, scheduled to hit platforms on January 26, 2024. The track effortlessly blends rock and dance genres, delivering a vibrant and energetic sound. It begins with a funky bass and drum pattern that sets off an irresistible groove; the verse vocals, reminiscent of Gary Numan’s hypnotic style, kick ‘Destroya’ into motion.

A clever dropout at the end of the verse introduces a new vocal layer and a lively funky guitar, paving the way for the memorable chorus. Later, the song takes a detour through a perfectly structured intense bridge before seamlessly guiding us back to the chorus. As the track finishes, you’ll want to hit play and experience it all again.

This track personifies SIR-VERE’s evolution during the ‘Lovescope’ era, showcasing the band firing on all cylinders. Drawing influences from AC/DC and James Brown and merging them with live beats and synth textures, they create a seamless interaction. Frontman Craig Hammond and singer Ian McEwan skillfully weave around each other, enhancing the song’s depth and intensity.

Lyrically, ‘Destroya’ captures the oppressive atmosphere of the pandemic, borrowing poignant words from George Floyd – “I can’t breathe.” SIR-VERE’s commitment to their musical vision, described as ‘stubbornness’ by Hammond, is evident in the track’s unique fusion of live and synthesized elements, resonating with poignancy and power.


This preview of the ‘Lovescope’ album’s re-release on Worldsound/Virgin Music Group includes remixes from Rory Hoy, Vodzilla, and Sonale, offering versatility and depth. Fans of experimental sounds akin to Add N To (X), Chicks on Speed, Celldweller, Pendulum, and The Prodigy will find a kindred spirit in ‘Destroya.’

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SIR-VERE’s ‘Destroya’ is a mesmerising fusion of rock and dance, a standout track from the upcoming ‘Lovescope’ re-issue album. With poignant lyrics echoing the pandemic and a seamless blend of live beats and synthesized elements, this song embodies the band’s evolution and musical prowess.
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