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Livid. – a rock trio from South Florida – have unleashed their latest single, ‘Downtown,’ a rock and roll powerhouse influenced by classic rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, and Aerosmith. Gabriel Castrillo on vocals and guitar, Franklin Roca on bass, and Victor Wong on drums form the current lineup, and bring raw, unapologetic rock to the forefront.

‘Downtown’ kicks off with an enticing Black Betty-esque riff, immediately capturing attention. Infused with AC/DC’s rhythm and blues elements, the track maintains a straightforward, no-frills approach, embodying the pure essence of rock and roll. The chorus is gritty and straight-ahead, delivering a dirty, sleazy charm that will resonate with classic rock enthusiasts, like me!

Livid Miami Band

The vocals, gritty and reminsicent of Jet’s Nic Cester, exude attitude and sex appeal, perfectly complementing the relentless energy of the track. The solid bass, tight drum work (especially the cool as toms in the breakdown), and dirty riffs contribute to a dynamic sound that feels authentic and timeless. The guitar work not only harmonises seamlessly with the vocals but also introduces awesome licks and a compelling solo rooted in the blues.

Livid Miami Band

Livid.’s ability to create a live atmosphere, evident in the almost palpable finish with a bluesy jam, showcases their dedication to delivering an unfiltered rock experience.

‘Downtown’ stands as a bold testament to Livid.’s commitment to the raw and unadulterated spirit of rock and roll. In a genre that cherishes simplicity and groove, Livid. doesn’t just deliver a track; they serve up an impactful and unforgettable experience. Ready for more? Rock on! 🤘

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Livid. electrifies with their latest single, ‘Downtown,’ channeling the timeless spirit of classic rock legends. Gritty vocals, dirty riffs, and a blues-infused jam create an unfiltered and memorable rock experience.


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