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Listening to Ivan Beecroft’s single, ‘Carousel,’ is a visceral journey that seamlessly intertwines the robust prowess of AC/DC’s guitar riffs with a grunge-infused depth. Released yesterday, this track pledges to challenge norms and deliver a rallying cry against the encroachment of modern-day totalitarianism.

The genesis of the song lies in the arduous times of Melbourne’s protracted lockdowns, mirroring a defiant spirit rebelling against oppressive forces. Inspired by the pages of George Orwell’s ‘1984,’ the lyrics articulate a profound rage, encapsulating the sentiments of a populace weary of Orwellian Newspeak slogans and pervasive surveillance.

They’re hiding right in front of you,

Watching everything you do.

They’d prefer if you just died,

As long as two plus two is five.


The track’s musical landscape takes influences from Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots to classic rock legends like Deep Purple. Kicking straight in with a standout guitar riff, almost AC/DC-esque, the tone is set. But, it’s Ivan’s grunge-style vocals that bring a distinctive depth to the composition. The pounding tribal-esque drums elevate the track into a rallying anthem, reflecting the song’s defiance against oppression. The chordal drop-down for the pre-chorus is particularly impressive and seamlessly guides you into the chorus, making it even more effective.

The reflective guitar solo provides a moment of contemplation, a brief pause before the rhythmic drums and bass, with their intricate fills, propel the track forward again.

Ivan Beecroft Melbourne Musician

As I listen to ‘Carousel,’ I can feel the personal journey involved; it’s a historical documentation of the tumultuous emotions experienced during that period of lockdown. The lyrics, infused with an indignant spirit, resonate deeply, reminding us that art has the power to capture and express the collective pulse of a society. Accompanied by a thought-provoking video, ‘Carousel’ reinforces this narrative with images of tyranny and war.

In essence, ‘Carousel’ stands as more than just a song; it’s a defiant declaration, an anthem against the living hell of oppressive times. The single serves as a testament to Ivan Beecroft’s musical prowess, pushing boundaries and ensuring rock music has a relevant voice in the present day.

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Ivan Beecroft’s ‘Carousel’ is a powerful musical rebellion, seamlessly blending raw emotion and grunge vibes to create a defiant anthem against modern tyranny. With impressive chordal shifts and dynamic transitions, it’s a compelling journey through rebellion and resilience.


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