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Dirty Money’s ‘Vice and Virtue’ EP grabs listeners by the throat and throws them into an unfiltered journey of gritty rock. Formed in February 2022 after Chemical Pulse’s end, these guys seamlessly blend rock, metal, punk, and more. This Oxfordshire-based four-piece is influenced by Guns N Roses, Black Stone Cherry, The Stooges, and MC5 and has the drive of classic British rock fused with some Deep South charm and bags of LA sleaze. In ‘Vice and Virtue,’ they’ve delivered a high-energy EP that should connect with diverse audiences and serves as a testament to their evolution.

Led by Spud Hudson’s vocals, Mark Walker’s guitar, Ross Hutton’s bass, and Luis Silver’s drumming, Dirty Money’s EP is more than tracks; it’s an experience marked by hooks, riffs, and resonant lyrics, and so it’s no surprise that they achieved national radio coverage for their first single and shared stages with acts like The Foxies and The Meteors.

Dirty Money Oxfordshire Band

‘Play to Win’ kicks the EP off with an infectious riff and gives off a sleazy Guns N’ Roses attitude. Ricky Warwick-esque vocals add grit, while showcasing some impeccable fretwork in a face-melting guitar solo. A great chorus, lifted with the addition of a second vocal, highlights the band’s ability to dynamically move a song at just the right moment.

‘Running from the Night’ continues with guitar brilliance, unique vocals, a driving bass line, and a catchy chorus. Shades of ‘You Could be Mine’ fused with classic NWOBHM (I’m thinking Budgie and Raven in particular) are echoed in the raw and impressive delivery.

‘Kilo Tango’ didn’t grab me on first listen as much as the other three tracks on the EP, but, a couple of listens later and this has quickly become my favorite song. The interplay between bass, drums, and guitar showcases Dirty Money’s musical finesse and makes for really interesting listening… plus, it has a killer riff and strong chorus!

Dirty Money Band

‘Ego’ builds steadily with more GnR influences, especially the Slash-esque vibes on guitar. Anchored by solid drums and bass with the usual distinctive vocals, Ego is a fitting end to the EP and leaves you wanting to know what this band will produce next.

If I was going to elevator pitch Dirty Money’s signature style, it’d be this – Everything is solid in this band! The drummer adds flair but plays to the song, the bassist knows how and when to let rip, the guitarist has the chops to take the lead when needed, and the vocals add grit and kick some arse!

The EP offers really nice production, providing just enough dirt to make this feel as raw as it should. Dirty Money’s ‘Vice and Virtue’ gives off an authentic vibe and shows an obvious passion from the band for what they do, and I, for one, am looking forward to hearing more 🤘🔥

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Dirty Money’s ‘Vice and Virtue’ EP unleashes a gripping blend of gritty rock, seamlessly fusing classic British rock drive with Deep South charm and LA sleaze. Led by Spud Hudson’s commanding vocals and marked by infectious riffs, killer solos, and dynamic compositions, the EP stands as a high-energy testament to the band’s evolution, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating more from this Oxfordshire-based powerhouse.
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