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C.B. Carlyle & The Desert Angels deliver a captivating ride with their latest single, ‘The Howling.’ Hailing from Howey in the Hills, FL, this two-piece ensemble, comprising Blair Carlyle on vocals and guitar and Antonio Reyes on drums, showcases a distinctive ‘sell-your-soul’ sound that effortlessly blends western gothic tunes with a bluesy Florida swamp atmosphere.

The duo’s musical synergy, cultivated since their early teenage years, shines through in ‘The Howling.’ The track’s dark blues rock essence is infused with heart-pounding energy, featuring a mix of old blues riffs, horror movie-inspired lyrics, and a dash of screaming Elvis vocals. This unique combination creates a perfect blend of the familiar and the new, positioning the single as a fitting addition to Heavy Blues Rock Mix and Modern Blues Rock playlists.

Vocally, Blair’s performance is nothing short of brilliant. His thick, intriguing voice draws listeners in, reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age in the pre-chorus and venturing into Nick Cave territory during the chorus. The change in tempo and the shift to a higher, grittier vocal register during the repeated chorus add layers of depth and brilliance to the composition. In my opinion, this track is worthy of being featured on ‘Let Love In’ (by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), and if so, it would have given ‘Red Right Hand’ a run for its money!

The instrumental arrangement is equally commendable, with guitars and drums mixed beautifully to produce a raw and dirty sound. Thoughtful licks, complemented by clever organ touches, add texture, while the bass pumps and the drums cut through with precision, using the ride bell to great use… oh, and don’t forget the horror howls! The interplay of these elements contributes to the track’s unique character, combining pure blues rock with hints of art rock.

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Blair Carlyle’s vision for a darker direction in their sound is realised perfectly in ‘The Howling,’ and the shift towards a ‘Howling Wolf’ vibe rather than ‘Hank Williams’ is palpable.

In summary, ‘The Howling’ by C.B. Carlyle & The Desert Angels is a standout composition, showcasing the duo’s musical prowess and their commitment to pushing boundaries within their genre. With its unique blend of influences, powerful vocals, and masterful instrumentation, this single is poised to resonate with both existing fans and new listeners alike.

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C.B. Carlyle & The Desert Angels redefine blues rock with their latest single, ‘The Howling.’ This dark, swamp-infused composition features captivating vocals, raw instrumentation, and a unique sonic energy that sets the duo apart in the music scene.
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