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Sexgeräusche, that rowdy bunch from Freiburg in Germany, are no strangers to making noise—literally! They founded their band next to a raucous brothel, giving themselves the cheeky name ‘Sexgeräusche’ (aka ‘Sex Noise’).

Their latest Christmas vibe track, ‘Fest der Liebe’ (‘Love Fest’), is pure German punk, drawing inspiration from heavyweights like Die Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte. German punk, or Deutschpunk, had its heyday in the ’70s, but it’s evolved into a more pop-infused punk rock sound nowadays. Sexgeräusche continues this legacy, but they call their style ‘SKANK’ (a mix of Punk, Ska, Funk, and Hip-Hop).

Sexgeräusche Freiburg Germany

‘Fest der Liebe’ spins a tale of a Christmas-crazed stalker with a drinking problem—yeah, it’s wild, mostly centering on bar antics. Shades of Nina Hagen’s fearlessness shine through in these taboo-challenging lyrics. They’re not shying away from the edgy stuff.

The energy and punk grit scream Die Toten Hosen, especially in the verses with a dash of hip-hop. The chorus might get a bit crowded, making it tough to catch every lyric, but the tune sticks. Guitars blast through the speakers, and you can tell these folks don’t take themselves too seriously—they know how to have a laugh. But, that’s punk, right? The drums are relentless, begging for headbanging and a dive into a mosh pit. And, they’re not one-trick ponies; you catch hints of Beatsteaks, Terrorgruppe, and Madsen’s melodic rock in their song.

It’s niche, no doubt, but any punk festival would kill for this infectious energy. German punk enthusiasts like myself are screaming for these guys to grab a bigger spotlight. Plus, even if the lyrics are a mystery, you’ll have an absolute blast getting rowdy at their show—guaranteed! They’re all about punk’s gutsy spirit—no filters, just pure, unapologetic fun.

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Sexgeräusche delivers ‘Fest der Liebe,’ a Christmas-infused German punk anthem reminiscent of Die Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte, embodying wild bar tales and unapologetic energy that’s a perfect fit for punk festivals.
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