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Self Torque, emerging from Brighton, UK, unveil their newest EP, ‘No Rest for the Depressed.’ With five energetic punk rock tracks, this release channels the rebellious ’90s spirit, blending ’70s punk-pop echoes of the Ramones but with a contemporary Brit Pop edge. Yet, beyond their musical prowess, this EP delves into a thematic core centered around hope—a deliberate effort to spread positivity and reinforce the enduring belief that regardless of life’s challenges, brighter days may be around the corner.

Fronted by Gabriel A. Pentin, the band emerged in 2023, giving birth to the inaugural EP, ‘Impending Sense of Doom,’ in February. Just 10 months on, the latest release, ‘No Rest for the Depressed’ EP, has just landed on platforms.

Daydream‘ kicks off the EP, blending Brit Pop melodies with punk rock’s rawness. The track’s brevity packs a punch with gritty, emotive vocals that reinforce the EP’s resilience theme. Fuelled by heavy guitars inspired by Sex Pistols and Cock Sparrer, its memorable anthemic chorus leaves a lasting impact on listeners.

Anxiety in the UK‘ echoes tones of The Fratellis and Raconteurs, bringing in a punk-driven chorus paired with fervent vocals and a solid bridge that nods to punk legends Against Me. With its classic punk drum patterns, the track showcases the band’s musical versatility and the title doffs the cap to the ‘Pistols and brings their anthem up to date.

No Rest‘ boldly blends a Green Day-inspired punk intro with Brit Pop-inflected verses (think bands like Ash) before seamlessly transitioning into a robust punk rock chorus. This track, with occasional poppy undertones akin to Bad Religion, stands as a testament to the band’s versatility and remains a fan favourite, evident from its popularity on Spotify.

Sea, Stars, and Moon‘ echoes the stylings of The Strokes, capturing their essence through compelling guitar riffs, complemented by captivating vocals and an irresistibly catchy tune. This heartfelt track delves into the longing for a lost love, highlighting the bittersweet essence of yearning for someone who has moved on.

Self Torque Brighton Band

Closing the EP, ‘A Retrospective‘ showcases intricate interludes seamlessly interwoven between choruses and verses. Driven by emotionally charged vocals set against a backdrop of heavily distorted guitars, this song serves as an anthem urging listeners to seize life’s opportunities, resonating with the poignant message, “… if there’s nothing left for you here, then just go.”

Self Torque’s EP is a delight tailored for enthusiasts of punk, punk/rock, pop/punk, and power/pop. Its infectious energy is guaranteed to induce headbanging, making it virtually impossible to remain seated while experiencing the raw, unadulterated magnetism of this band.

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A must-listen for punk, punk/rock, and pop/punk aficionados, Self Torque’s EP promises an invigorating, headbanging experience impossible to resist.


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