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Wotts, the dynamic indie pop duo hailing from Ottawa, Canada, have unveiled a departure in style with their latest single, ‘there‘. Comprised of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100, the duo has embarked on an exploratory journey, diverging from their familiar big pop sound to create a composition that blends retro nostalgia with contemporary flair.

Produced by Jayem himself, ‘there’ delves into the realm of piano ballads, signalling a departure from the bombast of their previous releases. Clocking in at just under three minutes, ‘there’ is a concise yet impactful experience. The song unfolds gradually, starting with a delicate piano and flute arrangement that echoes classics like ‘Fool on the Hill’. As the track progresses, layers of instrumentation are added, building towards a climactic crescendo at the guitar solo, before winding down to vocals and piano to finish the track.

Jayem sheds light on the genesis of ‘there,’ remarking, “We drew heavily from The Beatles and added our own twist to amplify its essence.” Undoubtedly, the track reverberates with echoes of The Beatles, seamlessly blending vintage elements that would feel right at home on either ‘Sgt Pepper’ or ‘Abbey Road’. From the timeless melodies to the retro piano tone, the Ringo-esque drums, and the sublime Macca-styled bass line— it’s a homage to Beatles perfection. Moreover, with George Martin-inspired string arrangements, reverse effects, and a George Harrison influenced lead guitar break, ‘there’ hits all the right notes. However, despite these influences, the song is more than mere imitation. Instead, it serves as the canvas upon which Wotts paint their own unique masterpiece.

Throughout ‘there’, Wotts add their distinctive vocal stylings and contemporary sensibilities, ensuring the track maintains its individuality. The vocals, wonderfully soaked in reverb and subtle delay, conjure John Lennon’s ethereal sound but are delivered with the emotive nuances of singers like Damon Albarn and Conor Mason. This results in a feeling of timelessness and emotional depth within the song.

Wotts Band 1

Lyrically, ‘there’ navigates themes of love and longing, offering a poignant reflection on the significance of unconditional affection. Jayem explains, “This song is about feeling lucky about having someone in your life that loves you for who you are.” Such introspective lyricism adds a layer of intimacy to the track, and makes you connect on a deeply personal level.

Don’t know where, 

Know where I’m going,

But I hope you’re there.

‘there’ by Wotts

In conclusion, ‘there’ showcases Wotts’ artistic skill and creativity. I’m hoping they further experiment down this path in the future. It’s a beautiful song that pays homage to the past while forging a path towards the future— a true gem in the indie pop landscape. Top work, guys.

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Wotts’ latest single, ‘there’, showcases the duo’s departure from their usual big pop sound, delving into the realm of piano ballads while seamlessly blending retro nostalgia with contemporary flair. Drawing inspiration from The Beatles, the song resonates with echoes of classic influences while forging a path towards indie pop innovation.


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