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The Muster Point Project‘s newest track, ‘The Diner,’ dishes out a nostalgic tribute to the local greasy spoon. Part of the 5-track EP, ‘Ship to Shore,’ the song is a seamless fusion of power pop catchiness, jazz-rock vibes and witty lyrics that takes listeners away to the familiar booths of their cherished late-night diners.

The song effortlessly reminisces about time spent in greasy spoons with friends, dreaming big and savouring the camaraderie. Kevin Franco, the mastermind behind The Muster Point Project, paints a vivid picture of the late-night coffee stops and the youthful aspirations that fuelled those gatherings.

Kevin’s personal connection to the song’s theme adds authenticity, recounting his days in a ‘hair band’ and the post-rehearsal diner gatherings during the late ’80s. His experiences in the iconic Denny’s on Macleod Trail in South Calgary have inspired a track that pays homage to those times and the endearing quality of these timeless establishments.

Musically, ‘The Diner’ is a treat. Silvio Centamore’s drums and percussion provide a solid foundation, while Oleg Pisarenko’s brilliant electric piano adds a touch of sophistication. Kevin’s multi-instrumental prowess is on full display with his contributions on all things string based along with the vocals. The production, led by Darryll McFadyen, ensures a polished and engaging experience.

In terms of influences, the song channels the spirit of jazz-rock fusion, with shades of Steely Dan’s intricate arrangements and especially Donald Fagen’s solo work (Ala ‘The Nightfly’). I’d also go as far as to say that I can even hear musical similarities to Weather Report dotted about. The Steely Dan comparison has been noted previously and while Franco admits that any resemblance is purely accidental, it is a welcome association nevertheless.

The Muster Point Project

Lyrically, ‘The Diner’ embraces a lighthearted tone without the weightiness of classics like ‘Piano Man’ or ‘Tom’s Diner.’ With lines such as “Every knife is dull, and every fork is bent; welcome to the greasy spoon,” the song exudes a delightful playfulness reminiscent of Jon Brion or Fountains of Wayne’s signature humour and wit. It’s a nostalgic journey that doesn’t necessitate overthinking but warmly invites listeners to savour the shared memories woven into Kevin’s musical narrative.

At just over three minutes, ‘The Diner’ by The Muster Point Project is radio-friendly and showcases the band’s ability to maintain a captivating and accessible sound. With clean vocals that capture every lyrical nuance and a wonderful shift leading into the chorus, the song remains engaging. Notably, quirky handclaps in the second half of the verses add a fun lift, and further showcase the detail that’s been given to keeping the songs momentum and interest.

In essence, ‘The Diner’ is a delightful musical journey that combines the storytelling finesse of Jon Brion with the musical richness of Donald Fagen’s solo work. With its infectious charm, this track from The Muster Point Project beckons listeners to slide into a booth, grab a laminated menu, and enjoy the timeless experience of a late-night trip to the local greasy spoon.

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Explore The Muster Point Project’s latest track, ‘The Diner,’ as it serves up a nostalgic blend of jazz-rock, witty lyrics, and ’80s sitcom charm, transporting listeners to the cozy booths of beloved late-night diners.


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