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Count on Me’ marks the debut single of Shenanygans, an exciting Irish-Swiss-Polish Indie Band. Fronted by Dan and Kaylem Hannon-Barry, with Tom Brunner on drums and Lucky Luki on bass, the band formed in early 2023. Their music, recorded at Villestreet Studios in 2023, blends catchy melodies with skilful lyrical writing, and showcases a unique stage chemistry. Influenced by both classic acts like The Kinks and The Velvet Underground, as well as modern bands like Arctic Monkeys and Rex Orange County, Shenanygans deliver a fresh sound that merges past and present influences.

‘Count on Me’ begins with guitars soaked in vintage ’60s vibes. Think The Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ melodically with a hint of ‘If I Needed Somebody,’ and you’re getting there. However, Shenanygans have managed to make it feel contemporary and very current somehow. That being said, I did check their promo photos on the lookout for mop-tops.

The vocals enter, and they are perfectly suited for this style. They are mid-range and accomplished with a real warmth. The musicians, locking everything else into place, are on point, and when the harmonies delicately lift in the right places, you know you’re in safe hands… these guys know exactly what they’re doing! For me, the ultimate doff of the cap comes at 55 seconds when a beautiful turnaround is used that would undoubtedly put a smirk on Macca’s, and indeed the late John Lennon’s, face.

I love the melodies in this track. When we hit the key change at 1 minute 30 seconds, it comes as no surprise that it cleverly takes the track to another level. Only now does it reach the climactic chorus / titular usage, before hitting a very George Harrison-esque lead break. Then, cleverly playing with form and structure, Shenanygans return to the newly adopted chorus. We are then given a final nod to The Beatles with the outro, and even the closing chord—an added sixth?

On Monte Verita Album Cover Shenanygans

Thematically, ‘Count On Me’ is a song about nostalgia, missing someone special. The memories can be bittersweet, but this song is about holding on to those memories and never letting go, because relationships come and go, but friendships never end.

These memories haunt my mind at night,

While the morning star shines bright.

Wish you weren’t far away,

Wish that I had stayed.

‘Count On Me’ by Shenanygans

More than just a pastiche, these guys have created a wonderful ode to the music of years gone by, added their own touch, and made it something cool and contemporary. I would welcome Shenanygan-mania coming to my town, or indeed the world, very soon! I can’t wait for the album, ‘On Monte Verita,’ scheduled for release in late spring 2024. Great work!

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Their new release, ‘Count On Me,’ reminisces about a past relationship, carrying a nostalgic tone. With its catchy melody and three-part vocal harmonies, the song hooks listeners effortlessly. Fans can look forward to the band’s upcoming album, ‘On Monte Verita,’ slated for a late spring 2024 release.


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