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Tom Elliot has released the debut single, ‘Slowly Sinking,’ a spirited indie-punk anthem created straight from his Salford bedroom in the UK. Drawing from his experience in bands during his formative years, Tom, now a solo indie-punk songwriter from the North West of England, embraces a DIY approach.

The song kicks off with a strong, Weezer-esque guitar riff that grabs your attention with a deep growl. However, as the guitar runs up the neck and a quick drum fill kicks in, the tempo shifts into a faster groove for the verse, unveiling a clear pop-punk/emo vibe, especially in Tom’s vocals. The vocals engage in an almost call-and-response dynamic, paving the way for a pre-chorus that strategically eases the intensity, and sets the stage for the chorus to deliver at maximum impact. It’s a clever maneuver. Initially, the chorus might sneak past you, subtly understated and possibly more like a catchy hookline. Yet, by the song’s end, it firmly takes hold, and you find yourself not only singing the lines “Your mind from thinking, that you’re slowly sinking” but also humming the infectious intro guitar riff that accompanies and lingers post-lyrics.

Tom employs various techniques to keep the track engaging. In Verse 2, a clever military-style snare and sweeping synths add a fresh layer to the song. And, the middle eight, paired with moving lyrics, leads into a brief instrumental break before the chorus returns. By now, I’m fully hooked.

Tom Elliot North West Singer

Drawing inspiration from heartland rock, pop punk, and indie, Tom aims to infuse “some mid-western energy” into the rainy North West of England. Pop-punk vibes reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and blink-182 resonate in the delivery, while the storytelling and visual lyrics channel the spirit of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. However, despite these influences, being rooted in the North West, Tom’s vocal has a twang similar to Morrissey, and the British melodies are reminiscent of ‘A New England’ by Kirsty MacColl. This fusion creates a distinctive sound, making Tom’s debut a standout entry.

For a debut release, ‘Slowly Sinking’ not only caught my interest but has also left me wanting to hear more. Tom has effectively set the stage for something big. Now, bring it on, Tom— we’re ready and waiting!

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Tom Elliot’s debut single, ‘Slowly Sinking,’ is a spirited indie-punk anthem crafted from his Salford bedroom, featuring a dynamic blend of Weezer-esque guitar riffs and a pop-punk/emo vibe in his vocals. Drawing from influences like heartland rock, pop punk, and indie, Tom’s distinctive sound, fused with local and British elements, sets the stage for an exciting future.
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