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snakesnakewhale., the punk rock powerhouse from Asheville, United States, has unleashed their latest song, ‘Castle, PA,’ with a raw and unapologetic edge. This five-piece ensemble, featuring Matthew Clark (Vocals), Kevin Boggs (Guitar), Tyler Hernandez (Guitar), Max Murray (Bass), and Edwin Mericle (Drums), brings together a seasoned lineup with a shared love for mid-west emo, nerdy rock, hard-hitting post-hardcore, and a touch of pop punk.

‘Castle, PA’ bursts to life with a mellow electric guitar intro, swiftly transforming into a relentless onslaught of punchy vocals and tight instrumentation. The track seamlessly blends harmonies and gang vocals, reminding me of bands such as Knuckle Puck and Like Pacific, but also conjuring vibes from Papa Roach to Good Charlotte to Fall Out Boy. The guitars, providing a phat and understated presence, maintain a thick backdrop that perfectly complements the song and build in the right places at the right times.


The track shifts dynamically around the 1-minute 30-second mark, with the bass taking a prominent lead, injecting a new energy into the composition. Throughout, Edwin Mericle’s drumming skillfully provides a solid foundation, navigating fast and furious fills without overpowering the track. The result is a piece of serious pop-punk rock that instinctively makes you want to punch the air.

Recorded at Loc-Level Sound in Asheville, NC, ‘Castle, PA’ encapsulates snakesnakewhale.’s ethos – a group of 30-somethings crafting music they would have reveled in during their formative years. Nostalgia plays a significant role in their songwriting, evident in the positive and rowdy energy that permeates the instrumentation.

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This single, penned during road trips along the Eastern Seaboard, serves as a callout to the back-and-forth struggle between focusing on the negative and the positive. The lyrics delve into the overwhelming loss of the feeling of ‘home,’ juxtaposed with a rowdy musical energy that injects hope into the narrative. The cry of ‘Bingo!’ at the start and end adds a quirky touch that made me smile, possibly reflecting the band’s enjoyment, camaraderie, and the sense of ‘a win.’

‘Castle, PA’ stands as a testament to snakesnakewhale.’s musical growth and a heartfelt exploration of universal themes – friendship, nostalgia, and the trappings of mortality – making it a noteworthy addition to their discography.

Take a listen now; you won’t regret it!

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snakesnakewhale., the punk rock force from Asheville, delivers a raucous punch with their latest release, ‘Castle, PA.’ This five-piece ensemble skillfully blends punchy vocals, harmonies, and tight instrumentation, with vibes of punk icons like Knuckle Puck and Like Pacific, and with hints of Papa Roach and Fall Out Boy, resulting in a serious pop-punk anthem that demands a listen.
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