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As a guitarist myself, I have a keen ear for guitar-centered music that boasts roaring solos, robust and weighty guitar riffs layered beneath screaming lead melodies, all punctuated by powerful drumming. Parallel Harmonic‘s latest EP, ‘Thunderstorm,’ perfectly embodies this blend. It’s a melodic heavy metal creation that echoes influences from classic rock.

Behind Parallel Harmonic is Lucas Teixeira Pinto, a seasoned musician from London, UK, with 25 years of musical experience. While primarily a guitarist, Lucas takes on all instrumental roles, showcasing his shift into music production.

The EP kicks off with ‘A Beautiful Day,’ which opens with a Pink Floyd-esque introduction. Think David Gilmour’s signature guitar tone, but with a quicker pace. Soon after, the track erupts into an energetic display of melodic metal. The guitar harmonies evoke the spirit of progressive rock bands like Dragonforce and Dream Theatre. As the song progresses, dynamic shifts and tempo changes whisk the listener away. Midway through, the pace elevates further, introducing arpeggiated keyboards that layer a captivating hook over the heavy guitar-driven backdrop. The song reaches its climax with a phenomenal guitar solo, and, whether intentional or not, you can hear vibes of classic rock legends such as Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), and even a hint of Brian May from Queen. Concluding with catchy keyboard licks, the track leaves a desire for more, an often tough task given its absence of vocals. The instrumental music conjures an ’80s video game atmosphere, resembling the intensity of racing games with roaring rock tunes as your pixelated car charges ahead.

Thunderstorm‘, the EP’s second track, plunges straight into heavy, chugging guitars that set the stage, building momentum with intriguing drum patterns that eventually intensify into thunderous beats. There’s a militaristic undertone to the style, enhanced by haunting keys that inject depth into the composition. The atmosphere evokes images of a brewing storm, with the thunder’s impending roar almost tangible. The song’s rhythmic diversity shines through, showcasing drumming variations. A standout moment arrives three-quarters into the track, reminiscent of Joe Satriani’s melodic runs, gracefully followed by the interplay of melodic keys. As the song reaches its conclusion, it revisits the brooding ambiance from the start. The outro’s chugging section embodies classic rock vibes with some ’80s parallels like Van Halen and Judas Priest, evoking an era when guitar heroes truly flaunted their prowess and strutted their stuff.

For enthusiasts of melodic metal, Parallel Harmonic’s ‘Thunderstorm’ EP is a treat. Lucas Teixeira Pinto’s exceptional guitar skills are undeniable, and it’s astonishing to witness his talent across haunting keys, thunderous drums, and pulsating basslines. With such a display of talent, we eagerly await more from this versatile multi-instrumentalist and producer.

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Parallel Harmonic’s ‘Thunderstorm’ EP presents a melodic heavy metal journey, devoid of vocals but pulsating with powerful guitar riffs and dynamic drumming, resonating classic rock influences through the versatile skills of multi-instrumentalist of Lucas Teixeira Pinto.


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