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London-based artist Yvngerror has released ‘Spyglass,’ a lively indie rock anthem that channels good times and close friendships. Partnering with drummer James Guercio, son of the famed Joe Guercio known for his work with Elvis Presley, and produced by Alan Charles Smith from Bellevuedays, the track blends nostalgia with a contemporary vibe.

The musical journey began when Yvngerror connected with James Guercio on tour in LA during the summer of 2023. The chemistry was instant, leading to Guercio flying to England in November to record ‘Spyglass’ with producer Alan Charles Smith.

Influenced by the authenticity of real music, Yvngerror draws inspiration from legends like John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, and contemporary artists such as Ben Howard and Dermot Kennedy.

Yvngerror Singer Songwriter

‘Spyglass’ emanates a vibrant Britpop ambiance reminiscent of the infectious sounds of The Lightning Seeds, The Verve, and notably Supergrass, while delicately incorporating an Oasis-esque touch into the guitar arrangements. Boasting irresistibly catchy melodies and a hook that seizes your attention from the opening notes, Mitchell Young, aka Yvngerror, effortlessly creates a song that feels both familiar and refreshingly original.

Having graced stages at festivals like Bournemouth Air Festival and headlining shows at Viper Rooms LA, Yvngerror gained traction with his debut album, ‘Definitely Tea,’ which has been featured on various UK radio stations.

‘Spyglass’ invites listeners to turn up the volume and celebrate life’s joy with its infectious energy. You won’t regret it!

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