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As the world ushers in the promises of the New Year, London-based Israeli singer-songwriter Tally Koren has released a poignant electro-pop ballad, ‘We Are Builders of a Different World.’ Against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts in Israel, Palestine, and Ukraine, Koren’s song emerges as a prayer for peace, aiming to instill hope in the face of adversity.

‘We Are Builders of a Different World’ is more than just a musical composition; it is a call to action. The lyrics, inspired by a Rabbi’s sermon during the initial days of the Ukraine war, implore listeners to become architects of change. Tally emphasises the need for unity, compassion, and education to combat hatred and division, stating, “We must have the courage to work together, choosing to build bridges and educate from a young age to eliminate hate.”

Tally Koran London Singer Songwriter

Tally, a dedicated advocate for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East for the past decade, has a remarkable track record. She initiated a National Schools’ Poetry Competition on peace, encouraging children to express their emotions on the subject. A recipient of the Ambassador for Peace award in 2013 at the House of Commons, Tally continues her mission with ‘We Are Builders of a Different World,’ hoping to make a lasting impact through the power of music and unity.

The lyrics in ‘We Are Builders of a Different World’ echo a yearning for a world where love triumphs over hatred, pleading for an end to the painful dissonance caused by ongoing conflicts. The track, produced by Tally Koren and Phil Curran and featuring the ‘Peace Angels’ choir, is available on all major DSPs and retail stores.

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