Sunday, April 21 2024

Pranatricks, the indie artist based in Vancouver, has just released his latest single, ‘Cobras.’ This marks the sixth release from his highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Elements of,’ which is slated to hit the platforms on April 4, 2024.

‘Cobras’ showcases a remarkable departure from Pranatricks’ indie-folk singer-songwriter roots, delving into the realms of alternative, experimental, and psych sounds. The track, written several years ago in an abandoned warehouse on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, serves as a metaphor for unlocking the heart’s potential.


The song opens with a mesmerising blend of layered arpeggiated synths, setting the stage for a mystical lyrical journey. Pranatricks invites listeners to wrestle with the mind and emphasises the importance of letting go, finding peace in the present moment, and connecting to a universal energy that surrounds all things.

The accompanying music video, shot on a chilly winter morning on Northern Vancouver Island, captures Pranatricks in an intimate expression, surrounded by the cosmic ethereal whirlwind of his natural surroundings.

Pranatricks has been an active force in the Canadian independent music scene since 2006. With a debut album, ‘Cherished,’ that garnered accolades and chart success in 2023, he continues to push boundaries and shape his musical expression through a fusion of simple songwriting and innovative instrumentation.

Keep an eye on this artist, as the upcoming album ‘Elements of’ sounds like it will be something to behold. But, for now, enjoy ‘Cobras,’ we most certainly are!

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