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Pioneers are an emerging indie sensation from the vibrant South Coast music scene in the United Kingdom, poised to make waves with their latest single, ‘Old Ways.’ This talented band seamlessly fuse indie rock guitar riffs with infectious ’80s grooves and synthesizers, creating a fresh and distinctive sound.

Musically, the song’s introduction is a masterful build-up with guitars steadily drawing the audience in before teasing and receding, only to surge forward again. The ’80s vibe is striking, reminiscent of Duran Duran, with vocals echoing the brilliance of Simon Le Bon. The verses even carry hints of ‘Planet Earth,’ creating a nostalgic yet fresh atmosphere that pays homage to the iconic ’80s sound.

However, the chorus is the standout feature, contemporary and catchy and supported by a brilliant melody and solid instrumentation. The guitars shine with precision, knowing when to strike and when to withdraw. After another round of addictive verse-chorus repeats, a synth solo injects an unexpected twist, smoothly transforming what appears to be a middle section into a clever outro. This repeating outro forms a catchy loop, bringing the song full circle and seamlessly returning to the guitar intro.

Pioneers Southampton Band

At the heart of ‘Old Ways’ is a danceable groove where the drums, percussion and bass guitar drive the song’s infectious rhythm with a vibe similar to ‘What You Know’ by Two Door Cinema Club. The track showcases the band’s musical talents, seamlessly blending indie rock elements with nostalgic ’80s synth vibes, making their sound both contemporary and retro.

The poignant lyrics delve into the theme of overwhelming emotions and the desperate need for escape, portraying an anxiety-driven narrative. The chorus features the compelling lines:

I don’t want your praise,

Spent too much time stuck in your old ways.

Old Ways

Pioneers are undoubtedly a band to watch, with previous accolades including radio play on BBC Introducing, the coveted title of ‘Record of The Week,’ appearances on BBC Radio One, performances at the Isle of Wight Festival, and a series of tour dates with This Feeling.

‘Old Ways’ is poised to elevate the band’s position further – a journey I’m personally hoping will be nothing short of monumental. Check out the track now and keep up to date on Pioneers’ socials!

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Pioneers’ latest single, ‘Old Ways,’ is a compelling indie anthem seamlessly merging contemporary indie rock with ’80s nostalgia, delivering a fresh musical experience. With infectious rhythms, poignant lyrics, and nods to iconic ’80s sounds, the track showcases the band’s musical prowess, promising an exciting trajectory for this emerging indie sensation.
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