Friday, April 19 2024

Upper Valley-based artist phin is set to make waves with the release of his debut single, ‘you would never fall in love with me,’ which was released today.

Known for his behind-the-scenes work with Vermont artists Noah Kahan and Hans Williams, phin is venturing into the limelight with a blend of dream pop, indie pop, and electronic music. Hailing from Hanover, United States, phin’s music is both approachable and off the beaten path, favouring compositions that set a mood over flashy moments.

In ‘you would never fall in love with me,’ phin invites listeners on a journey of inner reflection. The single features his soothing vocals against nuanced loop-based arrangements, creating an atmosphere that is subtly powerful. Despite its understated nature, the track boasts a very strong chorus, showcasing phin’s falsetto voice and earning it the distinction of a radio-worthy piece with impeccable production, in my opinion.

While this marks phin’s debut as an independent artist, he is no stranger to the music scene. Having contributed significantly as a producer for fellow Upper Valley artists, phin now takes the reins of his own creative process, crafting lyrics and lending his voice to his creations.

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Reflecting on this transition, phin states, “As a producer, I’ve always had a sense of what a song needs to cross the finish line. That quality has helped me a lot while embarking on my artist project, where I’ve been humbled at every turn. I’m not a world-class musician, but I know how to create a mood and feeling and just ride it.”

Phin Choukas’ musical journey began in 2013, exploring electronic music as a 7th grader. Graduating from Middlebury College in 2023, he continued refining his craft in Canton, GA, and plans to make New Orleans his next creative destination in February 2024, reuniting with Hans Williams. Watch this space…

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