Sunday, April 21 2024

Switzerland-based songwriter Roman Gabriel, known for his work with The Kind Hills and The Dentals, unveils his latest project, Seasonal Falls, alongside collaborator Andrew Pelletier (Fur Trader), presenting their newest single, ‘Used to be Fun‘, available today!

Seasonal Falls’ music embodies a fusion of indie-pop, indie-folk, and indie-rock, drawing inspiration from the eclectic sounds of the ’90s. Influenced by artists like Elliott Smith, Pavement, and Wilco, their tracks showcase a blend of acoustic melodies and catchy rhythms.

Following the success of their debut single, ‘Reach for Nearby’, which garnered praise from international blogs and drew comparisons to icons such as Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens, Seasonal Falls continue to captivate audiences with their distinctive sound.

‘Used to be Fun’ serves as the second single from their upcoming album, ‘Happy Days’, set to release on 10th May 2024. Delving into themes of adulthood and the transition from carefree moments to more complex responsibilities, the song reflects on the challenges of growing up while maintaining relationships with friends and family. Having already heard the brilliant album, I have to say ‘Used to be Fun’ is one of my standout tracks!


The song delivers a cheerful blend of indie-pop and indie-folk, offering listeners a laid-back and relaxing experience. Accompanied by the tranquil imagery of the single’s cover—a view from the porch of a secluded cabin— ‘Used to be Fun’ invites audiences to escape life’s challenges and unwind. Plus, once heard, the melodies will be rattling round your head all day!

Stay tuned for Seasonal Falls’ final single, ‘Lie Down’, scheduled for release on 29th March, as they continue to enchant listeners with their soulful melodies and introspective lyrics.

Listen to ‘Used to be Fun’ now 🎶🌟

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