Friday, April 19 2024

Nead Next Door, the awesome queer non-binary artist from Gadigal land, has released their new indie rock anthem ‘Tell Me About Europe.’ Known for infusing their music with yearning, Nead shares, “Even my upbeat tracks have A LOT of yearning in them. In Tell Me About Europe, I’m begging for someone to come back from Europe and tell me all about it and ‘choose me’ in doing so.”

Tell Me About Europe Single

Resonating with indie rock vibes and similar to Olivia Rodrigo when she hits pace, the track moves forward with jangly guitars and a staccato drumbeat that backs the interesting vocal melody. ‘Tell Me About Europe’ is a poignant plea for reconciliation, and Nead’s sweet voice guides us through a seamless build-up into a memorable chorus. The just-over-three-and-a-half-minute song is packed with clever chord progressions and offers an emotional but comfortable journey.

Drawing from folk, pop, and musical theatre influences, Nead’s eclectic tastes shine through and make the track more than a song—it’s an emotional experience.

Whether drawn to the indie rock beats or heartfelt lyrics, ‘Tell Me About Europe’ is a worthy addition to any playlist. Take a listen; it’s worth your time!

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