Sunday, April 21 2024

Picture this: ‘You Can Call Me Al’ drops acid, and suddenly, Paul Simon’s smooth vocals are replaced by the furious, growling tones of Meg Cratty. The funky bass takes a vacation, leaving behind a trail of dirty guitars. The result? Nothing even remotely resembling ‘You Can Call Me Al,’ but voilà! You find yourself hurtling down a tribal beat rollercoaster, a stomped-up alt-rock punk-infused tune courtesy of The Margaret Hooligans and their latest release, ‘Main Street Zulus.’

Originating from the heart of Bala Cynwyd, the band skillfully navigates listeners through the tumultuous psyche of a woman grappling with the absurdities of a misrepresented blind date—a narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of the exaggerated world of online dating.

Released on January 9th, the single serves as a prelude to The Margaret Hooligans’ ambitious plan—an eleven-single release marathon leading up to the October 2024 unveiling of the full album. Recorded in the depths of Piety Street Publishing, mixed by the enigmatic Mr. Strontium, and mastered by the illustrious KRAMER of Shimmy Disc Records, ‘Main Street Zulus’ is a visceral and unfiltered musical experience.

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With a burgeoning international fan base and radio play echoing across the globe, the single encapsulates the band’s dedication to delivering an authentic and distinct experience, leaving an indelible mark on the alternative rock and punk scene. Check it out now!

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