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Amsterdam’s Labasheeda have unleashed their latest album, ‘Blueprints,’ signalling a significant evolution in their distinctive sound. The trio, active since 2004, is renowned for their unconventional approach to rock, incorporating violin, varied time signatures, and Saskia van der Giessen’s unique vocals.

With ‘Blueprints,’ Labasheeda have introduced the use of marimba, cello, and double bass, expanding their musical spectrum. Described as “growling, dynamic stuff from the Netherlands,” Labasheeda’s music blends intelligence with emotion, drawing inspiration from post-rock and post-hardcore genres. Saskia van der Giessen’s poignant vocals complement the brooding atmosphere, resonating with fans of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon.

The album will cement Labasheeda’s reputation as genre-pushing trailblazers, and is the perfect listen for fans of luminaries such as Sonic Youth, Pixies and Sebadoh.

Labasheeda Amsterdam Band

‘Blueprints’ maintains their trademark concise melodies, seamlessly shifting between spacious bass lines and chaotic guitar-driven anthems. Released by Presto Chango Records, the album is available on LP, CD, and digital download now, emphasising an all-analog experience for vinyl enthusiasts.

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