Friday, April 19 2024

Kelsie Kimberlin, recognised for her impactful Ukraine trilogy, debuts ‘Vlad,’ her latest hard-hitting single. Hailed as a significant narrative, Kelsie has officially released the track on all major platforms and YouTube.

The song digs into the dark history of figures like Hitler and Stalin, adding the name ‘Vlad’ to the list. It chronicles the atrocities of the unjust Ukraine war and aims to prompt global reflection on responsibility and draw attention to the ongoing Ukrainian plight.

Kelsie Kimberlin's Powerful New Single 'Vlad' Unveils the Ukraine War Horrors

The lyric video, edited by Kyiv filmmaker Pavlo Khomiuk, utilises footage from Kelsie’s trilogy, employing quick cuts to match the music’s intensity. Driven by real instruments, a rap lyric, and a poignant punk-driven ‘bad man’ refrain, ‘Vlad’ stands as a stark commentary on the individual behind Ukraine’s suffering. Cleverly, however, Kelsie has avoided using the name specifically in the song, “because his actions are so well documented that everyone who hears the song will know it can only describe one person on this earth.”

Post her Ukraine trip, Kelsie launched the Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation to help offer aid to individuals injured in the war. The foundation’s website,, serves as a hub for contributing to the cause. Kelsie remains committed to supporting Ukraine in 2024 through her music and activism.

For fans of Republica and Garbage and utilising a Hollywood Undead vibe with the powerful vocal delivery, ‘Vlad’ adds to Kelsie Kimberlin’s impactful body of work, providing a strong voice against injustice and a call to positive action.

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