Friday, April 19 2024

Cologne-based musician Jenny Thiele has released her latest track, ‘Loonie,’ a road trip anthem featuring haunting vocals and suggestive lyrics set against a minimalistic 808-beat and tremolo guitars. The maxi-single release includes a remix by Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Robin Flux.

Originally designed as the soundtrack for a Wild at Heart-inspired road trip, ‘Loonie’ blends Thiele’s crystal-clear voice and minimalistic production, delving into wanderlust and strange sensations. Thiele, recognised for her solo work, recently released the album ‘Killing Time.’

Jennie Thiele Loonie Robin Flux Remix

Robin Flux, known for his diverse influences from early club culture, transformed ‘Loonie’ into a dynamic club track with raw, bouncy, chopped vocals, pulsing synths, and heavy percussion. The collaboration between these independent artists originated in Cologne’s urban dance culture.

The maxi-single not only showcases Thiele’s original but also Flux’s remix, highlighting the fusion of their styles. Thiele’s commitment to authenticity and Flux’s multifaceted approach in genres like house, techno, ballroom, and disco create a compelling musical partnership.

Check out both versions of this epic track now!

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