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Italy’s Giardini Oort is set to release ‘Dark Thoughts‘ on January 24, 2024. The single explores the tragedies of war, particularly affecting innocent children in conflict zones. Led by Andrea ‘Andy’ Para, a percussionist with a rich background in world music, the track features a haunting soundscape symbolising the inescapable reality of these tragedies.

Through ‘Dark Thoughts,’ we channel the silent echoes of lost innocence into a soundscape that demands reflection, urging the world to listen not just with their ears, but with their hearts.

Andrea (Andy) Para, Giardini Oort

Drawing inspiration from modern visionaries like Boards of Canada and Radiohead, Giardini Oort’s ‘Dark Thoughts’ serves as a call to consciousness, urging those in power to choose compassion over conquest. The song’s genesis is rooted in the emotional impact of a video by Banksy’s team for the #withSyria campaign, offering poignant relevance to current events.

Dark Thoughts
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