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Elviise, the melodic-metal outfit hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, have released their latest composition, ‘I Will Carry You.’ This track, following the poignant ‘Will We Survive’ released exactly a year prior, serves as a departure from the themes of hopelessness and fear, and instead tackles internal struggles head-on.

At the core of Elviise’s musical identity lies hard rock, but their exploration extends across diverse genres such as metal, rock, pop, and experimental music. Despite facing unforeseen challenges in 2023 – including an unexpected departure and financial upheavals – the band channelled these setbacks into a profound inner journey. This transformative process involved rewriting existing songs, discarding others, and culminated in the creation of an eagerly awaited album, slated for release in 2024.

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‘I Will Carry You’ features robust Metallica-esque chugging guitar riffs seamlessly blended with the melodic finesse reminiscent of iconic bands like Ghost or Nightwish. The vocals skillfully strike a delicate balance between controlled sweetness, akin to Veronica Maggio in quieter moments, and unwavering strength when required, reminiscent of Floor Jansen’s powerful delivery. This vocal dexterity enhances the compelling chorus, supported by clever dynamics throughout. The anthemic drum beats, bass, and guitars establish a formidable rhythmic foundation, while the standout lead guitar work seamlessly blends melody and shred. The song’s unconventional cadence in the last line and imaginative ending add an unexpected and appreciated twist, solidifying ‘I Will Carry You’ as a standout in Elviise’s evolving discography.

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‘I Will Carry You’ emerges as a versatile composition, likely to resonate with both metal enthusiasts and mainstream listeners, drawing parallels to the impactful role Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ played in bridging similar musical preferences. Elviise’s audacious departure from musical norms, coupled with their commitment to genre experimentation, is palpable in this song. With an album set for release in 2024, I’m excitedly looking forward to discovering more surprises from Elviise and have every confidence that they will continue their positive trajectory.

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Elviise, the melodic-metal band from Stockholm, unveil ‘I Will Carry You,’ a powerful track marking a departure from despair to face internal struggles head-on. The song showcases their genre-defying evolution, blending Metallica-esque riffs with the melodic finesse of Ghost and Nightwish, while the band anticipates a promising 2024 album release.


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