Sunday, April 21 2024

Swedish artist Backstrom‘s latest single, ‘Train Wreck Coming,’ features Bart Topher’s dynamic vocals once again. This track offers another sneak peek into Backstrom’s upcoming debut album, ‘The Carousel,’ scheduled for release on January 18th.

Backstrom, the sole songwriter, collaborates with session musicians like Bart Topher and producer Fransisco Paz, hired through, to bring a mix of influences from Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan into ‘Train Wreck Coming.’

The recording process spans continents, with instruments recorded in Buenos Aires by Fransisco Paz, vocals added online by Bart Topher, and harmonies from Singtrece. Gabe Wolf handles the mixing and mastering, ensuring top-notch production.

‘Train Wreck Coming’ explores the chaos of the modern world, drawing inspiration from current events. But, Backstrom intentionally leaves the interpretation open-ended, letting listeners find their own meaning.

BACKSTROM The Carousel Album Cover

In Backstrom’s words, “The song has a unique sound—a blend of energy, rhythm, and fun, yet beneath the surface, there’s a profound message waiting to be discovered.”

Gear up for an exciting musical journey as Backstrom gets set to make waves on the global music scene with the release of ‘The Carousel’ on January 18th. Meanwhile, enjoy ‘Train Wreck Coming’—available on all streaming platforms.

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