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Midcentury Llama, a Chicago-based indie rock band who define their sound as “nice boy rock,” have released their latest album, ‘No More Bad News.’ Including a diverse mix of styles spanning jazz, funk, pop, retro, rock, soul, and even folk, the album highlights the band’s exceptional songwriting and musicianship. Comprised of Sam Okrent on vocals and keys, Frank O’Meara on guitar, Eric Gantner on drums, Charlie Zhang on guitar and vocals, and Nick Cramer on bass, Midcentury Llama exhibits a confident authenticity, demonstrating a band truly comfortable in their own skin.

Just one of Midcentury Llama’s great videos.

In ‘No More Bad News,’ Midcentury Llama presents a dynamic collection of tracks. With twinkling keys, bouncing basslines, and infectious grooves, the album exudes a sunny yet energetic vibe. The band effortlessly navigates shifting tempos and melodies, delivering lyrics that explore personal experiences. Accompanied by some great videos, the album’s four singles showcase the band’s commitment to quality across all mediums.

Midcentury LLama

Mixed by Jon Gilbert and Mastered by Joe Lambert, the album’s track listing runs as follows:

  1. Junkyard
  2. Sapphire, Ruby
  3. Mia
  4. Preflight
  5. Photograph
  6. Get Up
  7. She’s Pretty
  8. Suit Up
  9. Newaygo

For a well-crafted album showcasing solid songwriting and musicianship, at TIG, we don’t think you’d go far wrong by adding ‘No More Bad News’ to your playlists today.

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