Friday, April 19 2024

Indietronic Rock duo Bromsen, originating from Berlin, Germany, announces the release of their latest single, ‘Someone.’ This compelling track is the fifth glimpse into their forthcoming album ‘Brothers in Mind,’ set to debut on February 16, 2024.

Comprising long-time friends Richard and Karlo Bromsen, the duo revives their musical journey after a hiatus that followed the disbandment of their previous group, The Pampelmuse, in 2006. Drawing inspiration from the renowned songwriter Luka Bloom, ‘Someone’ reflects on the dichotomy between societal conformity and the pursuit of an authentic, adventurous life. The song’s uplifting message encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and live boldly.

Bromsen Berlin Duo

Bromsen’s musical landscape combines elements of rock, hard rock, prog, and 80s music, forging a unique identity that transcends musical boundaries. With their distinctive sound, the duo has garnered critical acclaim from the indie press and secured airplay on radio stations across North America, the UK, France, Brazil, and beyond.

Bromsen’s ‘Someone’ is not just a single; it’s an anthem encouraging listeners to chart their own course and heed their inner voice. As they gear up for the release of ‘Brothers in Mind,’ Bromsen continues to captivate audiences with their synth wave elements, powerful guitars, and soaring vocals.

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