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Renowned musician and producer Anthony Casuccio returns with a powerful musical offering in the form of his latest release, ‘Into The Light.’ This dynamic track follows his successful EP, ‘Systematic,’ which featured the European Indie #1 chart-topping hit, ‘Lighthouse.’ Anthony, a seasoned 30-year music veteran, showcases his versatility by delving into a heavier, guitar-centric sound in ‘Into The Light.’

Expressing his creative vision, Anthony shares, “I wanted to get back to my Rock guitar roots but still have that EDM rhythmic foundation.” The result is a fusion masterpiece that boasts layered distorted guitars, impactful drums, and a mesmerising choir of voices, giving the song an epic and immersive feel.

Anthony Casuccio’s illustrious career spans three decades, during which his audio production work has earned three Grammy award nominations, achieved gold record status, and found placements in various TV shows and commercials. His production prowess has consistently propelled songs to the top of Billboard’s Dance charts. Anthony’s remastering expertise extends to iconic names such as Johnny Cash, Tony Bennett, and Roy Orbison.


Anthony’s solo endeavors have been equally impressive, with four songs breaking into the top 20 in the UK. His track ‘Lighthouse’ achieved the remarkable feat of securing the #1 position on the UK Independent charts in the Fall of 2023.

‘Into The Light’ marks another milestone in Anthony Casuccio’s illustrious career, solidifying his reputation as a multifaceted artist capable of seamlessly blending rock and EDM influences to create captivating and chart-topping music. Available on all streaming platforms now!

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