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Indie pop artist Anna Salman has released her debut EP, ‘This Summer Won’t Last,’ now available on all major music streaming platforms. Known for her emotionally raw and tender vocals, Anna Salman delivers a poignant collection of tracks that delve deep into themes of love, loss, and life, encapsulating the essence of “sad girl pop.”

“The songs on this EP – they’re brutally honest, but they’re also incredibly catchy,” says Anna Salman. “I’ve embraced my ‘sad girl’ aura and fused it with a pop sound.” With ‘This Summer Won’t Last,’ Anna navigates the highs and lows of relationships, creating a narrative that covers hope, heartbreak, and healing. “I let my music be a reflection of what’s going on in my life at the time,” she explains. “Sometimes, it’s hard to say things out loud or admit certain feelings. These songs are like hearing someone else voice the feelings you might have trouble sharing yourself.”

The 7-track EP opens with ‘Not the One,’ a poignant ballad that speaks to the universal experience of realising a relationship isn’t right, despite numerous attempts to make it work.

I’d Like to Think’ explores the pain of wanting to be someone’s unforgettable love, only to face the harsh reality of replaceability. Whilst ‘Summer’ reflects on the aftermath of a breakup and looking forward to a brighter future. The song conveys both longing and anticipation, embodying the EP’s central theme of emotional evolution.

Anna then shifts to a more upbeat tempo with ‘Miracle Worker,’ a catchy tune laced with sarcasm and self-doubt. The song depicts the disbelief and heartbreak of seeing an ex-partner move on quickly, questioning the significance of the past relationship.

Blood Rush,’ featuring Turaab, delves into the unpredictable nature of love, reminiscing on risky decisions made in the name of love and the ensuing emotional scars.


High School’ takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring the complexities of loving two people simultaneously and yearning for the intensity of a high school romance. And, finally, the EP closes with ‘Thanks for Not Loving Me,’ a reflective piece about walking away from an unfulfilling relationship and the clarity gained over time.

‘This Summer Won’t Last’ was produced by Rake Jamil, Farhan Ali, and Abu Baker Zahid, and recorded at Red Brick Studios, marking an impressive start to Anna Salman’s music career, and one we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on here at TIG.

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