Sunday, April 21 2024

In a captivating musical collaboration, ALIA introduces their debut single, ‘I’m Getting Off,’ in partnership with Steven Young (a.k.a Mr Nobody). This emotionally charged recording, born from a profound year-long bond, melds Steven’s poetic electric guitar with ALIA’s powerful vocals, creating a sound that echoes the essence of Jeff Buckley had he collaborated with the likes of Frances Quinlan and Christina Aguilera.

Alia London Based Singer Songwriter

The lyrics of ‘I’m Getting Off’ carry a universal message of strength and unity, addressing challenges on personal, global, and societal levels. ALIA’s unique identity as a nonconformist, queer, androgynous, non-binary musician shines through in this raw and unvarnished song—a true representation of unity in diversity. Released during the Christmas period, the track carries a concealed intention to provide healing during one of the most challenging times for many.

For those navigating the challenges of the world, ALIA’s ‘I’m Getting Off’ is a beacon of hope—a reminder that uniqueness is worthy, and no one is ever alone. Check it out now!

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