Friday, April 19 2024

Advents, the rising powerhouse from the outskirts of New York City, have released their latest single, ‘CHROMA,’ a rock/metalcore duet featuring Randy from If I Were You. This dynamic track, part of their sophomore EP ‘PERSONA MELODIES,’ presents heavy riffs, moody verses, and an unapologetic passion that sets Advents apart in the new wave of heavy music.

Comprising Anthony Spizzirro (vocals), Kevin Chapilliquen (guitars), Sebastian Ferlin (guitars), Christian Vernaza (bass), and Joe Koza (drums), Advents are gearing up for their inaugural live performance on January 13, 2024, at the Debonair Music Hall, NYC, sharing the stage with If I Were You and Awake At Last. The quintet’s unique blend of hard-hitting aggression and polished melody promises an electrifying show.

‘CHROMA’ explores the emotional journey of investing in someone despite their past mistakes, a theme resonating with the band’s commitment to authenticity. Produced by Jonathan Dolese (known for his work with Cane Hill, HourHouse, LEVELS), the single encapsulates the band’s unwavering passion and tenacity.

Advents Band NYC

For fans of Kingdom of Giants, Wage War, and Bad Omens, ‘CHROMA’ delivers a visceral experience that dives into the complexities of human relationships, creating a musical journey both intense and cathartic.

Advents, formed just outside of New York City in late 2020, aims to make a mark on the heavy music scene. ‘CHROMA’ stands as a testament to their dedication to pushing boundaries and solidifying their presence in the genre. The track is now available for streaming and download on major platforms!

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